Do your best, that’s it.

Thank you to all the “helpers” for all you are doing to keep people safe and healthy.

Doing your best at this point means staying home. Is it easy? No. Introverts are rejoicing. Extroverts are most likely struggling. Kids are at home, homes have turned into schools and offices. Gyms. Dance and exercise studios. All while being interrupted by Corona Conferences. We or should I say I’m on overload of constant information, all while forgetting what day it is wearing yesterday’s pajamas and last month’s nails, ok, let’s be honest. It’s not pretty.

Stop. Do the best you can. Be kind to yourself. Sometimes making it through the day matters. Work. Exercise. Pray. Meditation. Clean. Hobbies. Family and friends. Organize. Social Distance Socialize. Netflix. Eat and Drink.

Think positive, everything in moderation isn’t that what “they” say, be kind to yourself and enjoy the days as best you can. That’s it, that’s all we can and yes, stay home.

How many days?

I realized the other day as embrassing as it is, I have to stop and really think about how many days are in a month. Just when I remember we are on to a new month. February, February, forget it, are we in the leap year or not? Seriously, it is the little things in life that you just have to laugh at. Yes, I know there is a song and poem, but honestly, I may of been absent the day that was taught because I can’t remember that either. My Mom would joke that I was dropped as a baby on my head, maybe that’s true! I can remember a lot, but the months, forget it. I practice, but rely on my calendar. Did this ever happen to you? My favorite pizza shop closes for a week in the summer, I glanced at the date and thought, that can’t be right because it’s a Wednesday, then I thought that’s right there is 31 days in July. I even said it aloud, I started laughing and thank goodness the cashier laughed too.

My point is, laugh at yourself because you are not perfect, keep your sense of humor and be genuine because the days run short even if we forget how many there are, be grateful for them.

Picture perfect mindset!

If you are like me you’ve had enough of the cold, snowy, icy winter weather! Enough! Last week during a Nor’Easter, I captured this picture and thought to myself, how beautiful, but then I thought ugh, it’s going to get worse and driving/walking will be a nightmare and quickly the beauty faded. Real quick! Why? A second ago, I thought this image was breathtaking, just like that, gone and forgotten, replaced with my own negativity. Today, as I was driving home in the rain, again, ugh, this weather! I felt annoyed for a few hours, then, I was annoyed with myself! Did that ever happen to you? I think I’ve written about this before, where I get on my own nerves and I neeed to tell myself to shut up and force myself back in the light. Sometimes saying it helps, enough Jennifer, you are so annoying with these comments. Shut it! Weather, really, you are letting that get you down! You know what, the weather can be a visual mindset staring at you or maybe even a mindset test, do you see the beauty? Can you feel the beauty? Maybe you are not a winter person, I get it. You know what you are, a person who can keep their mindset positive! What are you looking forward to? Could it be worse? What are you grateful for? Is it time to recharge? It’s never as bad as you think! God’s plan is never perfect, but it’s always on time. Celebrate what you’ve done and where you are going! There is beauty, look for it and when you are not seeing it, step back and get out of your own way!


Surrender your cannots into cans. Surrender your plan into what’s waiting for you in the right time, not your time.  Surrender your planning and opportunity into patience. Surrender yourself in keeping a good attitude and working toward your goal, but maintaining your joy. Wave your flag and remember sometimes life isn’t fair, but,  yes, there are always detours getting us to our greatest destination. Surrender !

Fences of Faith

“Good fences make good neighbors.” Isn’t that the saying?! Think of a fence, they come in all shapes and sizes, but they ultimately  give protection.  Would a white picket fence be chosen to surround a prison? Probably not, but both fences are made for protection. Protect

The care and unfortunately death of my Mom after 13 months of battling cancer caused me to evaluate my fences,  but in reality, the fences I chose to protect myself, not bury myself in grief, but rather my new found outlook on the world just on the other side of my fence. 

The heartache losing my Mom caused me,  deep down emotional and literal ache until I was sick tore my fences down. The strength that I gained in rebuilding, I wish I was weak and hired a contractor! The strength of knowing what deep, burning heartache is, the realization that the person who brought me into the world was gone so unexpectedly caused me to evaluate the structure of my fences.  My Mom, my person was gone and I realized at age 30, I probably would be alive longer than I knew my Mom, and at that moment, I got it, I got the legacy, memories, love, character lived on in me and  I cherished that she was on this Earth for a reason and God had taken her because she fulfilled the purpose he intended.

My fences became firmer in their foundation and lovelier in their sight because they were precious, life is and boundless on the other side.