In Gratitude of Cancer

AstraZeneca Hope Lodge of the American Cancer Society, Philadelphia

AstraZeneca Hope Lodge is more than a home away from home for a cancer patient and a caretaker enduring cancer treatments, it’s a  true blessing!

Volunteering at Hope Lodge enables me to honor my Mom and the many loving people that supported her during her battle against Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Volunteering at Hope Lodge is so much more than volunteering, it’s seeing the perspective and hope  sustained in people fighting their cancer and the gratitude for all of the many volunteers. While fighting cancer, I know, it was the little acts of “doing and kindness” that people so graciously gave to my Mom and family that I will be forever grateful for. A true genuine, thoughtful person who was always available when you needed her that was my Mom. Holiday dinners and in fact any time, you are were always welcome with love. I joke, because I do not enjoy cooking, but volunteering at Hope Lodge isn’t about my cooking. Well, maybe people they  are being kind, but it’s possible with all the many volunteers that so kindly work with, but themselves are so eager to go back and volunteer at Hope Lodge because of the love, gratitude, strength and peace and hope that is sustained at the Lodge, but more importantly the people. If you are interested in this wonderful volunteer opportunity, find out more here.


Driven to Recovery
American Cancer Society’s Road to Recovery Program


5 thoughts on “In Gratitude of Cancer

  1. I know so intimately the peace and gentle kindness of the people you speak about. When we lost our son, it was simple acts of compassion and kindness that helped us through. I also know that same pull to fill that space for others. In the worst, most difficult moments of your life, those people were the hands that reached down to pull you up out the abyss. There is such a deep sense of gratitude, and responsibility and desire to be those hands for those who unfortunately will be where we once were. There can be beauty on the far side of our pain, if we are willing to see it.

    God bless you each and every day!

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