Pandemic Boundaries

The way people treat us is a reflection on them, the way we respond is our choice and a reflection of ourselves. During this pandemic, I’m reminding myself of this quite a lot. I think it’s interesting how the pandemic has effected people, some for the good, and some not so good. You might be thinking didn’t it effect us all negatively, not really. I for one, I am looking forward to working in person, but I really enjoyed working from home. I enjoyed the simplicity of it, the focus, the joy of being at home, and yes, I did get distracted, but overall I was way more productive. I realized that once we are around more people, there’s a lot more noise and sometimes it’s not good, and it can distract us from the work. I find myself heading back in person with stronger boundaries because I find joy in the simplicity, focus, and control over how I choose my time. Think about it, working from home didn’t bring the distractions of listening to someone’s story 3 feet away, or being around drama, other people’s negativity, rudeness. It’s true. I was in control, as we head back in person, we lose a little of that control, but how we respond and create our own boundary is our choice. PS, I’ll still listen to your weekend stories, but I’ll be choosing wisely. 🙂

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