Pandemic Boundaries

The way people treat us is a reflection on them, the way we respond is our choice and a reflection of ourselves. During this pandemic, I’m reminding myself of this quite a lot. I think it’s interesting how the pandemic has effected people, some for the good, and some not so good. You might be thinking didn’t it effect us all negatively, not really. I for one, I am looking forward to working in person, but I really enjoyed working from home. I enjoyed the simplicity of it, the focus, the joy of being at home, and yes, I did get distracted, but overall I was way more productive. I realized that once we are around more people, there’s a lot more noise and sometimes it’s not good, and it can distract us from the work. I find myself heading back in person with stronger boundaries because I find joy in the simplicity, focus, and control over how I choose my time. Think about it, working from home didn’t bring the distractions of listening to someone’s story 3 feet away, or being around drama, other people’s negativity, rudeness. It’s true. I was in control, as we head back in person, we lose a little of that control, but how we respond and create our own boundary is our choice. PS, I’ll still listen to your weekend stories, but I’ll be choosing wisely. 🙂

It’s been awhile…

It’s been awhile since I’ve written here. One thought, that I’ve had repeatedly come up which is not profound, but important for me and I’ll be keeping it at heart this Fall:

If you are in, be in it completely! Mind. Effort. Spirit. Faith. Do it.

It’s something I try to live by, if you are going to do something, commit to it. Someone said to me this week, oh you do so much, and to me it can sound negative and I get tired of hearing, but I understand some people believe it’s kind to say.

My choice because life isn’t lived on the sidelines. My response, it’s about balance and boundaries with a mix of joy. I’ve mentioned this before, the attitude of get to, instead of have to which my Mom modeled and I’m grateful for. You have an opportunity whether you work for, are presented to you, and you have a choice of how to respond. Thank you to those that keep reminding me to keep living, be present, but honor the balance and boundaries.

I’ll end here, cancer taught me and all those that loved my Mom so much which all the things she lived by proved to be even greater while she battled cancer. If you can’t change something, change your attitude and approach.


During a summer in college I worked as a “temp”. In other words, I was a temporary employee for the summer at a trucking company’s office. I know, don’t be jealous. The paperwork and filing were absolutely glamorous. I hated every second of it in a kinda glamorous way. Office work, sitting at a desk all day was definitely not for me. I did enjoy the air conditioning during the hot summer days, but would wishfully hope for the phone to ring just to have something to do. Honestly, I was fortunate to work in an office with people who were appreciative I was there or should I say they were happy someone else would answer the phone and open the mail. Glamorous see!

Ok, everyday I would plan out my 15 min. break, 30 minute lunch break. Those moments were the absolute highlights because I could officially leave my desk and not even pretend I needed to fill up my water bottle to get up. Remember, I said I hated it, but tried to make the most of it. My note taking, filing speed and understanding of trucking companies improved over the summer, but guess what there was no reward. It was my job, but I still hated it but remained grateful and did my best. I think this short term summer job made me realize a few things, one I hated office work, did I mention that? Grateful I had a job, but realizing an office isn’t the best fit for me.

The last 2 weeks, I’m so grateful I have a job, but flashback to that summer and realized a few things. I need to seize those 15, 30 minute breaks for my sanity. It’s ok, to feel grateful and not like the situation, but it’s not ok to let it get the best of you. Plan out your day, breaks, and make the best out of it and look forward to the fact that it’s temporary. Better days are coming!

Have or Get?

One of the best lessons my Mom taught us was the get or have? I think, this directlty relates to the fact that complaining was never a “thing” we took part in. Of course, my sister and I complained, I don’t like this or do I have to? The response was, you get to, you don’t have to, but you are lucky you have the opportunity, it’s your choice to make the best of it. I remember, as a new teacher, I complained to my Mom one day and said, the kids aren’t listening! She listened to my frustration, but said what are you doing to teach them how to listen, you are the teacher. She was right. As she said that day, you have an opportunity how are you going to use it?

That’s it, every moment is an opportunity, how are you choosing to use it? Do you have to get up for work every morning or do you get the opportunity to work at something you enjoy and chose!

Are you in the game or watching from the sideline?

As I looked up at the sky, I thought how awesome. The light of this full moon weaving in and out of the clouds trying it’s best to shine its’ light. Then, it made me think about living through a pandemic and recent news. Sadness, distraught, disappointment, social unrest, sad and disheartening news when we look at social media, news outlets, and unfortunately for some people at times when encountering each other.

When I think back from now until March of 2020, sometimes things seem a blur. That’s not good enough. For me, there are so many blessings during the past year I can reflect on, so many and I’m thankful. However, I find myself taking inventory of what matters and even though we are in a pandemic the blur needs to he refreshed with purpose. This is our reality and how am I keeping purpose?

There are always choices; stay on the sideline or get in the game. I think at some point of the pandemic I’ve been on the sideline getting through a pandemic; going through the motions trying to stay positive. It’s time to get in the game; whether you are the quarterback, goalie, kicker or catcher how will you contribute. Making the effort to cut social media browsing, volunteering in my community, looking into giving reiki at a local organization safely and overall forward thinking. Get in the game safely of course, find your purpose, make a small change and watch it’s domino effect. Yes, sometimes I’ll be cheering from the sidelines sharing the light. Yes, live your life safely, smart during the pandemic, but for me I’m filling the blur with purpose.