Flip the switch and breathe..

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How many days?

I realized the other day as embrassing as it is, I have to stop and really think about how many days are in a month. Just when I remember we are on to a new month. February, February, forget it, are we in the leap year or not? Seriously, it is the little things in life that you just have to laugh at. Yes, I know there is a song and poem, but honestly, I may of been absent the day that was taught because I can’t remember that either. My Mom would joke that I was dropped as a baby on my head, maybe that’s true! I can remember a lot, but the months, forget it. I practice, but rely on my calendar. Did this ever happen to you? My favorite pizza shop closes for a week in the summer, I glanced at the date and thought, that can’t be right because it’s a Wednesday, then I thought that’s right there is 31 days in July. I even said it aloud, I started laughing and thank goodness the cashier laughed too.

My point is, laugh at yourself because you are not perfect, keep your sense of humor and be genuine because the days run short even if we forget how many there are, be grateful for them.

How much longer?

Too many times in the past, I thought how many more minutes, how much time left, how long is it, how many days, if I could just make it through….finally, I realized, it’s about noticing, appreciating; the people, moments that unfold while we are waiting. Take your time getting there, the journey is the best part, be thankful for the highs and lows, the lows when self aware take us higher. 

Together we are Better

Today is September 10, the day before September 11 which is an anniversary of a tragic day in History; September 11, 2001. This post is not about September 11, 2001, rather a post about empathy and understanding.

I turned on the news this morning and was welcomed by dramatic Hurricane Irma coverage that was very informative and devastatingly sad.  Tears in my eyes looking at all the homes, people, animals that were effected by the Hurricane, I couldn’t stop watching and reading social media. Nothing, I could do, but pray for all of those involved, even reporters.  My sadness was with the people and animals of Florida, recently  as well as Texas, both states not choosing to be put in the path of a Hurricane, but sadly are.  September 11, 2001 is a day that no one ever thought would be a reality and ever wished it to be a reality, but as history proved; empathy, love and a sense of community brought the nation back together. Together we are better.

Are we ever ready to be put in the path of destruction? I would say no, but as I watched the news and read social media, I was disheartened and annoyed  by the name calling of the people that for whatever reason are staying in Florida during the storm.  It’s nobody’s business why some people chose to stay, no one is to judge their situation, there could of been a multitude of reasons why they chose to stay. Disheartened by the name calling of the reporters that were reporting. Understanding and empathy. Whether, your opinion is positive or negative of people in the path of a storm; name calling and negativity  certainly doesn’t help.

Empathy doesn’t mean sympathy, but rather an understanding of a situation and in this case; a natural disaster has no room for hate. Helpful, not hurtful. Tomorrow is September 11, a day when people never asked to be put in the place of a disaster, but they were. Empathy and understanding of the unknown. Disaster and destruction are no place for hate, but rather love, the type of love that unites those that are faced with the fear of destruction, not human destruction.

Just leave it!

Sometimes it’s not about us, believe it or not. Sometimes when people mistreat us, disrespect us or are just plain thoughtless, we did nothing wrong, nothing. It’s not fair, but it’s not personal. Just because you are thoughtful and considerate, unfortunately not everyone is. I repeat, you did nothing wrong. As someone who has recovered as Oprah coined the term “disease to please” I thought there was something more I could of done. It’s not about me. In fact, people teach you how to treat them and show you who you are by their actions. I’ve come to the realization, not to “feel bad” because maybe I should of done this or that, but really just leave it, no I am not a victim, but time is a teacher. It’s not always about me. People show you who they are by their actions and if they care and want to be around you, they’ll do what they can to make you feel welcome and included. If they don’t, leave it, justĀ  leave it and use it as your teacher and future reference guide.