Our hardest prayers are the most important that guide our most pivotal decisions into light! Dig into your darkest moments to seek and surrender to your brightest light. Beauty comes from our darkest moments, seeing it is hard, but look into the distance and you’ll see shimmers of the light. JRS ❤

Fences of Faith

“Good fences make good neighbors.” Isn’t that the saying?! Think of a fence, they come in all shapes and sizes, but they ultimately  give protection.  Would a white picket fence be chosen to surround a prison? Probably not, but both fences are made for protection. Protect

The care and unfortunately death of my Mom after 13 months of battling cancer caused me to evaluate my fences,  but in reality, the fences I chose to protect myself, not bury myself in grief, but rather my new found outlook on the world just on the other side of my fence. 

The heartache losing my Mom caused me,  deep down emotional and literal ache until I was sick tore my fences down. The strength that I gained in rebuilding, I wish I was weak and hired a contractor! The strength of knowing what deep, burning heartache is, the realization that the person who brought me into the world was gone so unexpectedly caused me to evaluate the structure of my fences.  My Mom, my person was gone and I realized at age 30, I probably would be alive longer than I knew my Mom, and at that moment, I got it, I got the legacy, memories, love, character lived on in me and  I cherished that she was on this Earth for a reason and God had taken her because she fulfilled the purpose he intended.

My fences became firmer in their foundation and lovelier in their sight because they were precious, life is and boundless on the other side.

Clear the way!

One huge, I mean big lesson I learned through the twisted, turning road of grief that brought me back to the sunshine is, there is more, go, get what you deserve and stand up for what is right and wrong and don’t be afraid. Don’t doubt yourself because your doubts are your biggest truths. Doubt nothing because when your intentions are clear, genuine, purposeful, productive and respectful, your voice is powerful.  That voice will lead you on your path of genuine joy because your intentions and actions  are lighting the way!

Dear Teacher, You deserve the break!

Dear Teacher,
Enjoy the break!

Your job never ends, thank you!

As you head through the parking lot, carrying at least two bags in each hand you hear your name being shouted across the parking lot by one of your eager students who was probably excited to spot you getting out of your car. As you juggle your bags to say hello, you just wish his/her            parent/guardian made it to the report card conference, unfortunately they didn’t and am grateful for such a positive, dedicated student.

Through the office you go,  being stopped by the ever dedicated and hard working Counselor giving you a student update. As your shoulder is aching from all the bags, you are grateful you had this moment to chat about your student who desperately needs the support.

To the mailbox, you’ve made it, wondering how and where you will ever so carefully place these papers as you are still navigating all the bags and it’s not even time to begin the day, but there is no beginning and end in teaching. Making your way to your classroom, the Nurse stops you to remind you, your students will need to be  screened. Great, maybe Billy will finally get glasses.

You’ve made it to the classroom with time to spare before the kids come! Are pencils sharpened and ready? Are copies made? Objectives posted? Scheduled posted? Lesson plans checked? Papers graded? Most importantly, get to the bathroom because it will be a good 3 hours before the time will come again.

Good Morning! Let’s begin the day!


Stop trying so hard!

Innately we are all our own person with a unique personality which is shaped by our genetics, however some of our personality may be effected by our past experiences and in turn effect our outlook on life. Appreciate the uniqueness in those genes and be understanding to the events that may have attributed to the outlook. Stop trying so hard! Be who you are and appreciate others and realize if it’s not for you, it’s not for you. Stop trying so hard! Some people are innately “go getters” but that doesn’t mean you need to be the “go to” for everything, draw the line with grace and class and protect your gift and use it wisely. Stop trying so hard, wondering why the heck others don’t care so much. You are who you are and appreciate it because others may be jealous, misinformed, different  misguided or just ignorant. Stop trying so hard! Be a friend, but remember the path of friendship travels both ways. Stop trying so hard!