What’s your perspective?

Is the glass half full or half empty? It’s all in perspective right?

I choose to see my glass as half full and as I mentioned the other day in my post about believing in my own honors; don’t doubt your successes, passions, recognition that you are given and certainly don’t neglect your honors. If you don’t see your own successes, how do you expect anyone else to see it! Time is precious, choose wisely.

Get out!

Sometimes when we are so close to achieving our goal, everything we can control is in place, we’ve done our best and then we wait. The wait can be filled with doubt, right? I think sometimes our thoughts can get in the way of our own plan, no one else is saying give up, but sometimes our own self talk gets in the way. Why? Worry, the more we worry the more we feel like we are working and maybe the more positive we are the more we think it’s an illusion. There are no illusions, you deserve happiness and fullness. Don’t give up, you are only given one life, live it and believe in what you are doing because if you don’t, who will. Remember, when you are rejected you are being guided to something better for you even if it takes time to see it and get there.

Less is More

Less  is more when less is purposeful and productive. I think I’ve come to this conclusion for myself because as I wrote in an earlier post, the small moments in life, make a big difference. Savor them. Stop trying so hard, sometimes the best thing to do is less; less worry, less talking, less doing and less trying. We live in a society where we are always yearning for more bang for our buck, which is great, don’t get me wrong, I love my AMC stubs card where I can upgrade my popcorn for free, but sometimes when we force ourselves to go big, it bursts and we are left depleted. The best thing to do sometimes is to just show up and be supportive, no need to jump out of the cake to make your presence known, just be you and stop trying so hard. Just show up be supportive, make your intentions purposeful and productive and relax, have faith in the small moments which don’t need to be supersized, they can be, but when the time is right.  Do all you can to make your moments purposeful and productive and keep the faith that sometimes, less is more and the more purposeful, productive, positive and supportive you are to your beliefs the less you need to build more of what matters to you.




Stop trying so hard!

Innately we are all our own person with a unique personality which is shaped by our genetics, however some of our personality may be effected by our past experiences and in turn effect our outlook on life. Appreciate the uniqueness in those genes and be understanding to the events that may have attributed to the outlook. Stop trying so hard! Be who you are and appreciate others and realize if it’s not for you, it’s not for you. Stop trying so hard! Some people are innately “go getters” but that doesn’t mean you need to be the “go to” for everything, draw the line with grace and class and protect your gift and use it wisely. Stop trying so hard, wondering why the heck others don’t care so much. You are who you are and appreciate it because others may be jealous, misinformed, different  misguided or just ignorant. Stop trying so hard! Be a friend, but remember the path of friendship travels both ways. Stop trying so hard!