Do you ever feel helpless or wonder am I really making an impact or just going through the motions? The answer lies within your question! God shows up in the ordinary. What does that mean, to me, moments are our opportunities to reveal God’s love through our grace and faith. Faith is knowing that God is supporting us through our days even when we don’t understand, and grace is the space to carry his love without limits for ourselves and others. I often think about what’s in my locust of control? I like to think about it as how am I showing up, and responding? Even on the hard days, how am I showing up for myself and others, how is God using me? Now, it’s not to say when we carry our grace it definitely can come with frustration, sadness, helplessness, but remember to hold onto that faith and extend the grace of God’s love without limits.

Pandemic Boundaries

The way people treat us is a reflection on them, the way we respond is our choice and a reflection of ourselves. During this pandemic, I’m reminding myself of this quite a lot. I think it’s interesting how the pandemic has effected people, some for the good, and some not so good. You might be thinking didn’t it effect us all negatively, not really. I for one, I am looking forward to working in person, but I really enjoyed working from home. I enjoyed the simplicity of it, the focus, the joy of being at home, and yes, I did get distracted, but overall I was way more productive. I realized that once we are around more people, there’s a lot more noise and sometimes it’s not good, and it can distract us from the work. I find myself heading back in person with stronger boundaries because I find joy in the simplicity, focus, and control over how I choose my time. Think about it, working from home didn’t bring the distractions of listening to someone’s story 3 feet away, or being around drama, other people’s negativity, rudeness. It’s true. I was in control, as we head back in person, we lose a little of that control, but how we respond and create our own boundary is our choice. PS, I’ll still listen to your weekend stories, but I’ll be choosing wisely. 🙂

It’s been awhile…

It’s been awhile since I’ve written here. One thought, that I’ve had repeatedly come up which is not profound, but important for me and I’ll be keeping it at heart this Fall:

If you are in, be in it completely! Mind. Effort. Spirit. Faith. Do it.

It’s something I try to live by, if you are going to do something, commit to it. Someone said to me this week, oh you do so much, and to me it can sound negative and I get tired of hearing, but I understand some people believe it’s kind to say.

My choice because life isn’t lived on the sidelines. My response, it’s about balance and boundaries with a mix of joy. I’ve mentioned this before, the attitude of get to, instead of have to which my Mom modeled and I’m grateful for. You have an opportunity whether you work for, are presented to you, and you have a choice of how to respond. Thank you to those that keep reminding me to keep living, be present, but honor the balance and boundaries.

I’ll end here, cancer taught me and all those that loved my Mom so much which all the things she lived by proved to be even greater while she battled cancer. If you can’t change something, change your attitude and approach.

How about this?



Change. For. Yourself.

Change your situation or accept it and change your attitude.

You are allowed to feel differently as you evolve and possibly understand a situation differently because that’s called understanding. You have nothing to prove to anyone, those that choose to not seek to understand it’s ok, but don’t waste your energy trying to prove anything. Move on and focus your energy and time where it’s valued. Wish them well from a distance, no need to carry hate in your heart.

I am extremely grateful for family, good friends, my health, a job where I feel truly valued, and having faith in God for the ability to not understand, but know God has our greatest purpose at heart. This past year, I’ve learned the value of this on a deeper level and that has caused me to slow down and value quality over quantity.

Disappointment. Grace. Peace. All the wiser.

I have these cards called #truthbomb, let’s just say they don’t lie and always speak a truth to me! This week’s #truthbomb was let it be easy.

Have you ever been faced with disappointment, no matter how big or small? It happens, even if your package says it’s on the way, but it’s been sitting 5 minutes from your home for a week. Disappointment happens! Guess what, we decide our own grace, lucky us! We can feel disappointment, it’s normal, but how we respond is our power.

Grace to ourselves and grace to others is our choice. Living in our disappointment only hurts us because it’s like a wound that doesn’t heal. It’s the ability to shift our mindset from I can’t believe this is happening to me, but to why is this happening and how can I respond by keeping and protecting my peace. We live in a “me” society, I can’t believe this is happening to me, don’t they care about me, what about me? As my Mom would say, “it’s not always about you.” Grace for ourselves and for others allows us to create a sense of peace.

Take time, feel the disappointment, but let it go with how you can; meditate, journal, talk, exercise, learn from it and move on. All the wiser, is what you are left with after the disappointment hits. How will you respond? Learn from it and move on. Let it be easy!