Realistic & Steady

When the road seems rough and you feel like you just can’t take one more step. Detour. Stay releastic, hard is ok, but giving up isn’t. Remain steady in your journey and don’t lose sight of your why and always find grace for yourself and others. jrs

Fences of Faith

“Good fences make good neighbors.” Isn’t that the saying?! Think of a fence, they come in all shapes and sizes, but they ultimately  give protection.  Would a white picket fence be chosen to surround a prison? Probably not, but both fences are made for protection. Protect

The care and unfortunately death of my Mom after 13 months of battling cancer caused me to evaluate my fences,  but in reality, the fences I chose to protect myself, not bury myself in grief, but rather my new found outlook on the world just on the other side of my fence. 

The heartache losing my Mom caused me,  deep down emotional and literal ache until I was sick tore my fences down. The strength that I gained in rebuilding, I wish I was weak and hired a contractor! The strength of knowing what deep, burning heartache is, the realization that the person who brought me into the world was gone so unexpectedly caused me to evaluate the structure of my fences.  My Mom, my person was gone and I realized at age 30, I probably would be alive longer than I knew my Mom, and at that moment, I got it, I got the legacy, memories, love, character lived on in me and  I cherished that she was on this Earth for a reason and God had taken her because she fulfilled the purpose he intended.

My fences became firmer in their foundation and lovelier in their sight because they were precious, life is and boundless on the other side.

In Gratitude, Jenn


Thank you to all the readers and your very kind comments. Thanks for reading and your encouragement to keep writing and sharing. I never thought that I would have 830 followers, thank you to each and everyone of you on joining me on my journey!




Have faith in God’s will for our well being. His plan is not always our idea, but his will for us is greater than our understanding of his wisdom. Keep your faith because everything is for our greater good and purpose. The sun shines bright after the rain harvesting the crops. Tomorrow is always another day,  another opportunity. 

Shingles you win!

I am sure you may have seen the commercial advertising the Shingles Vaccine, the inferno that burns through your body while feeling helplessly exhausted. Believe it! I was fortunate to have a mild case some time after my Mom passed. Why was I fortunate?  It could of been a lot worse.  Yes, I was in a lot of pain, completely exhausted,  but my line of shingles was not that long and I do not have long term nerve effects, except when I am tired I feel a little pinch in my back, almost warning me to slow down. Although,  I had to miss a week of work, shingles was a wake up call! I worried myself sick and had no idea until I saw the blister and then shortly after the pain and exhaustion set in. Shingles was a wake up call that my Mom was right, worrying does no good, it certainly doesn’t help and I literally worried myself sick without even realizing it. Yes, I still worry,  but now I take much better care of myself and keep everything in perspective.   Everything does happen for a reason and sometimes so much out of our control that we must have faith and balance ourselves to embrace all that we can in life and trust our path. No, to me that doesn’t mean to sit on the couch and eat nachos and watch TV expect to be successful,  believe me I do enjoy that! However,  it is owning your path, but being mindful that yes, some things are out of our control,  we do what we can and then need to trust God’s plan and the Universe.