To live

Someone once said to me “you like to work; you work hard, you volunteer…you like hard work.” Then, I really thought about it; one of the biggest lessons the death of my Mom from unexpected cancer taught me is to live. To live. To live and experience life. Experience life, but don’t let the experience get the best of you. We as humans will die someday, it’s a fact. How we die, God has our plan in the palm of his hand, us in the palm of his hand. I choose to work hard at living, doing the best I can, enjoying life and realizing death will come, come unexpectedly whether we want it too or not. Be positive because God, the Universe is listening and you have too much living to be wasted being negative. Work hard at living, put your worry into faith and enjoy the experience.


Our hardest prayers are the most important that guide our most pivotal decisions into light! Dig into your darkest moments to seek and surrender to your brightest light. Beauty comes from our darkest moments, seeing it is hard, but look into the distance and you’ll see shimmers of the light. JRS ❤

Picture perfect mindset!

If you are like me you’ve had enough of the cold, snowy, icy winter weather! Enough! Last week during a Nor’Easter, I captured this picture and thought to myself, how beautiful, but then I thought ugh, it’s going to get worse and driving/walking will be a nightmare and quickly the beauty faded. Real quick! Why? A second ago, I thought this image was breathtaking, just like that, gone and forgotten, replaced with my own negativity. Today, as I was driving home in the rain, again, ugh, this weather! I felt annoyed for a few hours, then, I was annoyed with myself! Did that ever happen to you? I think I’ve written about this before, where I get on my own nerves and I neeed to tell myself to shut up and force myself back in the light. Sometimes saying it helps, enough Jennifer, you are so annoying with these comments. Shut it! Weather, really, you are letting that get you down! You know what, the weather can be a visual mindset staring at you or maybe even a mindset test, do you see the beauty? Can you feel the beauty? Maybe you are not a winter person, I get it. You know what you are, a person who can keep their mindset positive! What are you looking forward to? Could it be worse? What are you grateful for? Is it time to recharge? It’s never as bad as you think! God’s plan is never perfect, but it’s always on time. Celebrate what you’ve done and where you are going! There is beauty, look for it and when you are not seeing it, step back and get out of your own way!

Honest negativity

There is a difference between being negative and plain honest. I think honesty can seem negative to some. What is the saying? “The truth doesn’t lie” “Hearing the truth ain’t easy” As my Mom would say when I shared my honesty, “Jennifer, it’s not what you say sometime, but how you say it, you can be offensive to others without realizing it.” Then, of course, I would say, but I’m being honest! That’s the problem, not everyone gets, sees the honesty because they can’t hear it for themselves nor believe it. Speak the truth in a loving, respectful, honest manner and you’ll never be on the defense.

Spoonful of Sugar 

It’s January, time to refocus on my daily routine, healthy eating, torturing my muscles, I mean working out, drinking water like I’m in the Sahara, organization like Mary Poppins has taken over,  really, I think because I’ve worked to maintain balance, I feel like I’m floating like Mary with her umbrella. I know crazy, right! 

Here’s why, I realized it as I woke up in the Dentist’s chair as my appointment was over. Yes, I fell sound asleep during a teeth cleaning.  I was tired as I sat on the dentist chair, my muscles were screaming from the previous day’s workout, but I was present. Present in the moment and listening. If you are tired sleep, thirsty drink, listen to your gut and trust what’s right is right and what’s wrong isn’t for me, but trust your situation and where you are meant to be. I realized after I woke up, it wasn’t about the drill, my teeth, the chair, but it was all about my faith in the hygenist and being present and trusting the situation. I woke up refreshed with clean teeth just like a spoonful of sugar!