Spoonful of Sugar 

It’s January, time to refocus on my daily routine, healthy eating, torturing my muscles, I mean working out, drinking water like I’m in the Sahara, organization like Mary Poppins has taken over,  really, I think because I’ve worked to maintain balance, I feel like I’m floating like Mary with her umbrella. I know crazy, right! 

Here’s why, I realized it as I woke up in the Dentist’s chair as my appointment was over. Yes, I fell sound asleep during a teeth cleaning.  I was tired as I sat on the dentist chair, my muscles were screaming from the previous day’s workout, but I was present. Present in the moment and listening. If you are tired sleep, thirsty drink, listen to your gut and trust what’s right is right and what’s wrong isn’t for me, but trust your situation and where you are meant to be. I realized after I woke up, it wasn’t about the drill, my teeth, the chair, but it was all about my faith in the hygenist and being present and trusting the situation. I woke up refreshed with clean teeth just like a spoonful of sugar!

New Year hangover or cleanse?

You are probably thinking girl, who you kidding, ain’t nobody cleansing into New Year’s Day! Cheers to all things Holiday; food, friends, family, fun, Jesus and spirits! How will you enter the New Year cleansing or hungover? A couple years ago, I cleansed my diet of gluten due to the advice of my Dr. and also started meditation and exercise along with prayer and faith in God.  With all this new found healthy living which brought good health and energy, every new year since then  I started off the year by creating a vision board and setting intentions of what I wanted to manifest and how I would manifest. Sounds easy, hang the board and done. Not really, part of it I discovered by journaling is a work in progress and realizing the closed doors were detours to better beginnings.  I must say being mindful, purposeful and having faith in my journey has led me to joy. Making my intentions clear, purposeful and manageable, I truly am excited to start the new year not hungover with last year’s I wish or I wonder.  Cleanse yourself of all the I should of, would of and could of and create your 2018 vision. 

Cancer and weight watchers changed my life!

Well, maybe not exactly, cancer and weight watchers changed my life forever and ever, but changed my perspective on life. This will be short because it’s that easy. This has nothing to do with the weight watcher diet, this is not an advertisement and I’m not a paid spokesperson. Ha, now that we got that out of the way! My Mom for some time right before being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer was feeling great, had no prior symptoms and had been eating healthy and was counting points on weight watchers successfully losing weight. This is my point,  with no prior symptoms she was diagnosed with cancer while making dietary changes and eating healthy and did it because she felt good, she was making changes for her health that were realistic.  This is not a science or medical article.  My point is, enjoy life, enjoy what you are eating, enjoy exercising and do it because you like how you feel or simply embrace yourself and enjoy yourself because she went from counting points to losing weight from chemo and radiation treatments very quickly, completely out of her control. So, be healthy,  but don’t deprive yourself and be comfortable in your own skin because life is too short to deprive yourself of joy!


Lately, I’ve been thinking about being genuine, completely genuine, sharing what’s on my mind, but being true to me and selfless in a positive way. Honestly, I would tend to hold back because I didn’t want to be creepy and seem like a people pleaser, but since I’ve started truely sharing even through the blog, joy, doors, new opportunities just start showing up, but for me it’s not about that. It’s about being present, present in the moment and enjoying these moments in life and quite honestly not being selfish. If you have something nice to say, share it, but for me expect nothing in return, but knowing for that one person it could of made a huge impact. That’s what it is about,  I’ve had those moments, when a person has something really great and I was extremely grateful.  It always isn’t sunshine, but being genuine allows us to be authentic to ourselves and people might not get the no, but they don’t have to because it’s not their struggle. I can say this; by being authentic automatically brings boundaries which when people see your authenticity you will gain respect because you are being true to you! Life is way too short for wasted moments and opportunities, say it and share it because being genuine and offering joy to others is never out of style. 

Girl, get up and show up!

I recently have started on a journey of waking up earlier than I need too, which I owe credit to feeling more energized due to eating healthier  minus the seasonal sinus infection that crept its way in.  Feeling energized, waking up earlier, being more focused has led me back to exercising which leads me to feeling overall healthier. Who cares right, good for you, I know, my point is I wasn’t being true to myself, I was a phony. Rushing around, dragging my butt into a gym, half heartedly doing the exercise wasn’t purposeful for me.  I had enough of feeling  like a phony.  Purposeful actions lead to peace and meaningful moments which creates respectful boundaries for ourselves.  I am in the moment which leads to greater moments ahead because when I allow myself to focus and take notice it allows me to appreciate when the right people and moments show up!

Compassion and passion 

Something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately especially when my patience wears thin so, here I go….Compassion and passion, from the teacher stand point have the same base word, but not until I really looked at the word,  I realized is it possible not to have compassion for the non existence of passion? You are probably thinking,  what in God’s name are you talking about? Everything and anything actually. We as humans will not have passion for all the  same things; working in a certain field, sports, work, people, etc. Should we, that’s a matter of opinion. Can we be compassionate of other’s view points and ideas, absolutely,  is it hard, absolutely, is it respectful,  absolutely.  Do we need to agree,  no. That’s what it all comes down to respect of differences and finding the compassion to keep respectful boundaries of our opinions.  My Mom, always said, it’s not what you say, but how it’s said that matters. It’s the truth, straight shooter as she was, she had compassion for all, but the passion to deliver the truth in a loving, respectful,  kind manner. Passion for Compassion. 

How much longer?

Too many times in the past, I thought how many more minutes, how much time left, how long is it, how many days, if I could just make it through….finally, I realized, it’s about noticing, appreciating; the people, moments that unfold while we are waiting. Take your time getting there, the journey is the best part, be thankful for the highs and lows, the lows when self aware take us higher.