Time and Talent

If you are going to do something do it right and do it well through effort, being mindful and diligent. Make it worth your time and honor your talent.

To live

Someone once said to me “you like to work; you work hard, you volunteer…you like hard work.” Then, I really thought about it; one of the biggest lessons the death of my Mom from unexpected cancer taught me is to live. To live. To live and experience life. Experience life, but don’t let the experience get the best of you. We as humans will die someday, it’s a fact. How we die, God has our plan in the palm of his hand, us in the palm of his hand. I choose to work hard at living, doing the best I can, enjoying life and realizing death will come, come unexpectedly whether we want it too or not. Be positive because God, the Universe is listening and you have too much living to be wasted being negative. Work hard at living, put your worry into faith and enjoy the experience.


Our hardest prayers are the most important that guide our most pivotal decisions into light! Dig into your darkest moments to seek and surrender to your brightest light. Beauty comes from our darkest moments, seeing it is hard, but look into the distance and you’ll see shimmers of the light. JRS ❤

Girl, get up and show up!

I recently have started on a journey of waking up earlier than I need too, which I owe credit to feeling more energized due to eating healthier  minus the seasonal sinus infection that crept its way in.  Feeling energized, waking up earlier, being more focused has led me back to exercising which leads me to feeling overall healthier. Who cares right, good for you, I know, my point is I wasn’t being true to myself, I was a phony. Rushing around, dragging my butt into a gym, half heartedly doing the exercise wasn’t purposeful for me.  I had enough of feeling  like a phony.  Purposeful actions lead to peace and meaningful moments which creates respectful boundaries for ourselves.  I am in the moment which leads to greater moments ahead because when I allow myself to focus and take notice it allows me to appreciate when the right people and moments show up!


Treat others as you want to be treated, I agree and live by this, but sometimes, I think to myself,  what, the heck, what just happened? I learned a long time ago, people come from a place of experience; values, beliefs, prior experiences,  family history, choices and will not always mirror my expectations.  I choose no expectation, but rather come from a place of matter and respect. Invest your time in genuine, joyful, meaningful exchanges and shake off the disappointments as a lesson for further investment. Trust your intuition it matters.