How about this?



Change. For. Yourself.

Change your situation or accept it and change your attitude.

You are allowed to feel differently as you evolve and possibly understand a situation differently because that’s called understanding. You have nothing to prove to anyone, those that choose to not seek to understand it’s ok, but don’t waste your energy trying to prove anything. Move on and focus your energy and time where it’s valued. Wish them well from a distance, no need to carry hate in your heart.

I am extremely grateful for family, good friends, my health, a job where I feel truly valued, and having faith in God for the ability to not understand, but know God has our greatest purpose at heart. This past year, I’ve learned the value of this on a deeper level and that has caused me to slow down and value quality over quantity.


Acceptance seeks understanding, truth, reflection, change, empathy, patience and grace.

Acceptance can be a challenge when we may disagree with another person’s, actions, views and overall being. Acceptance allows us to seek to agree or disagree. Acceptance isn’t weak, but strength when we are forced to accept the situation for what it is and decide our truth. Truth comes from how we choose to rewrite the ending by taking action. Empathy and grace for ourselves and others allow us to step out and make a change as small as it may be. Our choices contribute to a change for the better.

Truth is when we can can’t change a situation, we can change our attitude and adjust our thinking. Adjusting our thinking to contribute to a positive change takes a great deal of patience and reflection. Getting out of our own way and not getting stuck in our feelings. The will that our way isn’t the only way, but recognizing we are better together. Together we can accept our differences and learn with a little bit of grace, compassion and empathy.

When it’s ready!


The water will boil when it’s ready whether or not you stand over the stove watching and waiting, when it’s ready, it’s done. Enjoy the time.

Lesson of a Lighthouse


A symbol of light,¬† a pillar of strength, offering guidance to those that need it with its’ beautiful height and light. Lighthouses are still and offer a calm sense of direction.¬† Stationary¬† in confidence waiting to offer support to those in need by keeping a silent watch and waiting to offer their light. A silent beacon never chasing the storm, but silently waiting to protect those in its’ path. Lighthouses have no flair except their classic beauty and light. The lighthouse weathers the storm and continues to shed their light knowing there is always beauty after the storm.