Are you down with 3PP?

If you have to ask yourself this question, chances are whatever is being put in front of you isn’t worth your energy. Ain’t nobody got time for drama, especially in a pandemic. If you are like me, this “new normal” is draining even on a good day because our routines have changed drastically. I find myself reflecting on this question a lot lately. The more we feed into negative energy, the more it manifests and disturbs our own well being. The more we give power into what’s productive, peaceful and positive the happier we’ll be. That simple, keeping it peaceful, positive and productive in this pandemic as much as I can. If it’s not part of the 3Ps, keep it moving. Are you down with 3PP, yeah you know me!:)

Mirror Mirror

The way people treat us is not a mirror of how we treat others, sadly and unfortunately, for those of us that are selfless, thoughtful and kind…… will not come back to us automatically, I repeat, you  did nothing wrong when your kindness is not reciprocated, but it’s not automatic as much as  I try to reason and assume others will be as selfless to us as they  are treated, it ain’t happening! Even if I keep trying and get nothing in return, I can’t  make it happen. Am  I high maintenance because I appreciate kindness, respect and thoughtfulness from others, nah. I am aware and forgiving because even though what I give out doesn’t come back to me, it really does. It really does because people  can only do what they are capable of. It really does because  I know my worth and am a giver by nature but,  I also know when enough is enough and wise up. Sometimes, I need to experience after I’ve seen the warning signs, which  I’ve been understanding of. It really does because,  people, our world need kindness, respect and thoughtfulness, so  keep giving it and shedding the light. My expectations, in time, I’ve learned to keep them low because people  only give out what they are capable of, it’s not about me, but I’ve become wiser in what I allow and surround myself in.

Take the compliment!

Take the compliment! Be grateful someone is recognizing your hard work and be thankful they can see what you are capable of and then thank yourself because you are showing your capabilities, keep up the good work and feel like you deserve it.  Just say, thank you and smile, it is OK to be recognized.

Heading Home


Life is a journey, however everyone’s path is so unique. Aren’t we all just headed home eventually in time? Make your time along your journey matter. Make your journey purposeful to yourself and others, but choose wisely on who travels with you on the path you choose and how you respond to nonsense around you along the way. We are all on this journey together and our paths lead us to the same place, home.
Unfortunately,  the path  heading home will  have bumps in the road, people who disappoint us, illness, uncertainty, stress, drama. Keep going on your journey while remembering  we are all just headed home. Be a friend to those when their journey isn’t the smoothest and a friend  to yourself  when obstacles appear on your path. Remember, everything  has a purpose  and happens for a reason. We can’t always control the obstacles  put in our path on our journey home, but we can control our response. So, when you come across the train wreck that may have landed on your path or someone has given you an invitation to their drama, kindly decline unless you can be helpful while not sacrificing your own well being and time.
Celebrate your path! Celebrate how far you have come and the choices you have made to make your journey better. Celebrate your purpose  on your path. Be a friend and celebrate others and their journey. Yes, even though we are all on the same path others’ insecurities  and selfish behavior may try to hinder your path, but it’s not about you, so just keep going with your head held high.  Remember, gossip, nonsense are never helpful to you on your path or others because  we are all headed home together  in time. We are all headed home in time.