Joy to the World!

Finding joy can be extremely difficult to feel or find after grieving the loss of anything, especially something that was special to you. I am still getting over the fact that summer is over, I miss those beach and pool days bathing in the sunshine.

 Grief, it can take all shapes and forms, some of which are out of our control. My Mom’s passing to cancer left it extremely hard to feel joy in anything, but as time went on, the joy was all around me. The thoughts, kindness, love, appreciation,  gratitude that came with the loss of my Mom is indescribable.  I felt it, I felt the joy when I turned on the news last week, survivors of Hurricane Harvey in Texas found the joy and love in their community; caring and kindness of strangers, even though all of their belongings are gone they were brought together by surviving as a community thriving on the love and thoughtfulness of strangers.

Life isn’t about merely surviving, making it to Friday, making it to the end of the day, getting by and getting through it. It’s how we get there that makes the difference.  We can’t always control what is happening, but we can certainly control how we respond. Just like all of the people in Texas found joy in their community among a storm; supporting, helping others in need even though they couldn’t stop the storm, they found the joy. 

Joy, search for the whispers of light, the gentle breeze, the joy is there even when we least expect it when we are not looking and start noticing. 


Be confident everything happens for a reason.
Be still knowing it is for your greater good.
Be faithful knowing you need to silence your inner voice and talk to yourself in a way that is supportive.
Be strong enough to walk away from anything; thought, person, feeling, situation that doesn’t serve or deserve your goodness and time.
Be confident in yourself and situation that you are exactly where you are meant to be and embrace it.
Be kind to yourself and most importantly happy in the moment and quiet doubt and fear because nothing is permanent.
Be yourself and don’t be afraid to share your light.



Celebrate all that you are. Celebrate all that you’ve done. Celebration is recognition of your accomplishments and all the that is to come, so cheers and keep going! 


It’s not right, but it’s ok!

There is a Whitney Houston song that goes a little something like this, “it’s not right, but it’s ok…..I am going to make it anyway…..” Yes, the song was Whitney’s way of asserting herself and her independence after a break up.  However, more and more, I think about the loss of my Mom, a woman who was just a pure joy, insightful, loving, real woman to be around, a person that you could feel her love, warmth, compassion for you while in her presence.  I am the kind of person that has to find the “why” or the “lesson” in life’s moments, some times it takes awhile, but like my Mom, there was no feeling sorry, it is what it is. In fact, my Mom even said, she was blessed in life and this is what God gave her to do, cancer. As life goes on, I think about the why a lot. Yes, there are moments of sadness, I wish my Mom were here to see, do, feel. She does and she is here, in spirit with all the people who loved her and whom she loved.  What about the why? Why was such a wonderful person made to suffer through cancer and leave this Earth too soon with so much left to do? I believe, she did it, she served God’s purpose for herself and her family and all that loved her. She was so brave and positive in her fight against cancer and truly did all she could. Which is exactly how she lived her life, doing all she could in a positive way. Now, she is an Angel. I still struggle at times, with why and how was a person as good as my Mom taken so soon, but like Whitney said, it’s not right, but it’s ok. I feel in some way, we are better for the love and legacy my Mom left behind, better than ok. She did more than fulfill God’s purpose, she left us with more purpose because of the person she was and the love she shared.