Acceptance seeks understanding, truth, reflection, change, empathy, patience and grace.

Acceptance can be a challenge when we may disagree with another person’s, actions, views and overall being. Acceptance allows us to seek to agree or disagree. Acceptance isn’t weak, but strength when we are forced to accept the situation for what it is and decide our truth. Truth comes from how we choose to rewrite the ending by taking action. Empathy and grace for ourselves and others allow us to step out and make a change as small as it may be. Our choices contribute to a change for the better.

Truth is when we can can’t change a situation, we can change our attitude and adjust our thinking. Adjusting our thinking to contribute to a positive change takes a great deal of patience and reflection. Getting out of our own way and not getting stuck in our feelings. The will that our way isn’t the only way, but recognizing we are better together. Together we can accept our differences and learn with a little bit of grace, compassion and empathy.

Good Grief

I’ve probably written about this before or maybe the lesson is just that good to share again because it resonates so deeply.  

Grief, in hindsight, taught me many lessons and in reflection it still does, even when I least expect it too.  Speak your truth, show how you feel and don’t apologize for speaking the truth in a loving way. People will never understand your situation until they are in it, they speculate, have an opinion, but never will have the clarity as being in the situation.  Let others have their opinion,  you don’t need ownership of that opinion, it’s theirs and certainly do not take it on. Falling victim to doubting ourselves is unproductive, absolutely,  process your feeling and then let it go. 

Keep your mouth shut, share your opinion when it’s asked, but sometimes value the differences in others and realize their opinion is most likely coming from a place of experience that has nothing to do with you.  I learned this lesson as a child, I remember one of my Mom’s friends saying to my Mom as she gave me her look, “Jennifer,  not now.” She’s so funny, she just says what we are all thinking, but don’t want to say. Needless to say, when I got home, my Mom reminded me that’s it’s always not appropriate to share what we are thinking,  even if it’s true, time and place for everything.  

Life is too short for nonsense and don’t take anything too seriously.  Do your best and that’s all you can do, but don’t engage in the ignorance, laziness, stupidity of any situation, you are too good, rise to the situation and when you know better, you do better. 

Clear the way!

One huge, I mean big lesson I learned through the twisted, turning road of grief that brought me back to the sunshine is, there is more, go, get what you deserve and stand up for what is right and wrong and don’t be afraid. Don’t doubt yourself because your doubts are your biggest truths. Doubt nothing because when your intentions are clear, genuine, purposeful, productive and respectful, your voice is powerful.  That voice will lead you on your path of genuine joy because your intentions and actions  are lighting the way!