It’s time 2020!

This is short because it’s simple.

Time, use it wisely because it’s a gift. Maximize your moments by realizing time is precious and fill it with joy, purpose, know your worth, find the time to fill yourself with what fills you!

Fire into the Balance


Resulotions, hmmm……Well, I resolve to be the best version of me this year.
Resolutions, I feel like are something that is said and repeated, but it’s the action that is put into it to keep the resolve. Like anything, it’s work, but work can be a harsh word, so I like to refer to it as a plan of action. Your  plan is your guide to how you conquer your resolve and yes it’s a learning process. A couple of years ago, I attended a workshop with an awesome facilitator life coach, Christa Tinari. She did a great job teaching us how to map out our vision for the new year and creating tangible goals and habits that would lead to our vision. We created a vision board which for me was so helpful into putting my plan into place.
I thought, it would go like this, my vision is to lose weight and by week 2 I would be on my way. Not that easy. It’s a learning process of changing habits and learning along the way. I am thankful for that vision because it led me to being diagnosed with a gluten intolerance which was a complete roadblock to my vision that I had no idea was there. I am thankful to remove that block and keep going getting closer to my vision by changing habits along the way.
My vision for 2016, drum roll please….it’s a collection of small ideas that I am able to envision due to the fact that I’ve worked hard on creating balance, my vision a couple years ago. I continually work on balance, but finally feel centered which took a lot of time of learning how to say yes and make the time to do what truly matters and sometimes that was saying no. My vision this year is to live fierce without doubt. I have all the tools because of saying yes and no in building balance, but now it’s about breathing fire into the balance and my vision board is envigorating. I have learned that your vision may take a little longer than a year, but that’s ok, we are all making steps to our better selves by keeping our vision in mind. Happy New Year!

Where is the Joy?

Where is the joy this Holiday season? I believe it’s all around if we continually seek it. The joy is still there even if you are grieving a loved one’s loss. Where can I find it? Everywhere. Your loved one wants you to be happy and find the joy. Yes, it may be hard and exhausting especially if your loss is fresh. If your loss is new, you may even pick up a Christmas card and think, what the heck do I need to be jolly and happy about and throw it back into the card rack and leave the store! You probably don’t want to or find the need to celebrate. Celebrate what you do still have and all that is to come. If your loss is new, I get it, you may think I am exhausted, overwhelmed with sadness and how can I celebrate any thing?  Your celebration honors yourself and loved one and all that loved them. I can say this, celebrate all that is around you, but value your feelings and honor the need of solitude. Traditions with your loved one will be missed, but treasure the memory and bask in the new joys of life you have and all that is yet to unfold. Take joy in the laughter  of those memories all the while making new  memories knowing your loved one is so proud.  One of my favorite memories of my Mom was visiting NYC at Christmas, I am so glad I have that memory and so many to cherish this Holiday and look forward to the joy of the Holidays spent friends and loved ones. Happy Holidays!