What the plank!

Back in March, I rededicate myself to wellness. It sounds a little like a baptism of some sort! I made a conscious effort to get to classes; spinning, bootcamp, zumba, yoga. The smorgasbord board of aerobic activity I’d say. There were days when I was at work thinking I don’t want too, but I remembered how good I felt when the class was over. Who really after working all day wants to plank, throw a tire or lift weights. The more consistent I got in doing classes, the easier and more enjoyable they are. What do “they” say it takes 21 days to create a habit. Well, I think it takes a lot more than that. I love the people I go with, location is convenient, the center is awesome, I feel great doing the classes and my workout clothes are comfy. It takes a lot more than 21 days. The discipline of getting to the gym grounds me. Make yourself a priority, it’s not selfish at all because you are investing in your future. Take it one plank at a time!

Cancer and weight watchers changed my life!

Well, maybe not exactly, cancer and weight watchers changed my life forever and ever, but changed my perspective on life. This will be short because it’s that easy. This has nothing to do with the weight watcher diet, this is not an advertisement and I’m not a paid spokesperson. Ha, now that we got that out of the way! My Mom for some time right before being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer was feeling great, had no prior symptoms and had been eating healthy and was counting points on weight watchers successfully losing weight. This is my point,  with no prior symptoms she was diagnosed with cancer while making dietary changes and eating healthy and did it because she felt good, she was making changes for her health that were realistic.  This is not a science or medical article.  My point is, enjoy life, enjoy what you are eating, enjoy exercising and do it because you like how you feel or simply embrace yourself and enjoy yourself because she went from counting points to losing weight from chemo and radiation treatments very quickly, completely out of her control. So, be healthy,  but don’t deprive yourself and be comfortable in your own skin because life is too short to deprive yourself of joy!

Excuse me? 

Standing in line at my favorite gluten free  friendly bakery,  making a hard decision looking at the menu; gluten free pancakes or hmm, I wonder if the panini is on gluten free bread.  Sometimes,  being gluten free is a challenge and reading and asking questions is the key, I learned that the hard way. As I’m reading the menu,  I feel a tap on my shoulder, is this the line, are you in line? Which I was confused because there was three people in front of me, yes I am in line. Are you using the menu? Am I using the menu, I thought,  I am clearly reading it. If you are done, I’ll take it. No, sorry, I am not done, but right over there are more, ugh, I’ll wait for your menu, I may be awhile with it, oh, I can just wait. Now, this might not seem huge, but to me it was. I thought to myself, wow, I could of sacrificed the menu, but then, I was reading and planning questions for the cashier, I could of felt guilty after her nagging, but not one  bit because she could of had her own. Sometimes, giving in, sacrificing our time and talent out of guilt is just easy to shut the voice up, whether in our head or coming from the outside world is easier, but it’s not because you are taking away from your value. We can only help so much, do so much and the choice is theirs, but don’t feel guilty and give in because someone doesn’t want to take initiative when the opportunity is open. Don’t give your power away, especially to others out of guilt, that is truly the thief of joy. I took my time with the menu and gave it to her when I was ready, but joyfully passed it on, on my time.