Disappointment. Grace. Peace. All the wiser.

I have these cards called #truthbomb, let’s just say they don’t lie and always speak a truth to me! This week’s #truthbomb was let it be easy.

Have you ever been faced with disappointment, no matter how big or small? It happens, even if your package says it’s on the way, but it’s been sitting 5 minutes from your home for a week. Disappointment happens! Guess what, we decide our own grace, lucky us! We can feel disappointment, it’s normal, but how we respond is our power.

Grace to ourselves and grace to others is our choice. Living in our disappointment only hurts us because it’s like a wound that doesn’t heal. It’s the ability to shift our mindset from I can’t believe this is happening to me, but to why is this happening and how can I respond by keeping and protecting my peace. We live in a “me” society, I can’t believe this is happening to me, don’t they care about me, what about me? As my Mom would say, “it’s not always about you.” Grace for ourselves and for others allows us to create a sense of peace.

Take time, feel the disappointment, but let it go with how you can; meditate, journal, talk, exercise, learn from it and move on. All the wiser, is what you are left with after the disappointment hits. How will you respond? Learn from it and move on. Let it be easy!

Realistic & Steady

When the road seems rough and you feel like you just can’t take one more step. Detour. Stay releastic, hard is ok, but giving up isn’t. Remain steady in your journey and don’t lose sight of your why and always find grace for yourself and others. jrs


Acceptance seeks understanding, truth, reflection, change, empathy, patience and grace.

Acceptance can be a challenge when we may disagree with another person’s, actions, views and overall being. Acceptance allows us to seek to agree or disagree. Acceptance isn’t weak, but strength when we are forced to accept the situation for what it is and decide our truth. Truth comes from how we choose to rewrite the ending by taking action. Empathy and grace for ourselves and others allow us to step out and make a change as small as it may be. Our choices contribute to a change for the better.

Truth is when we can can’t change a situation, we can change our attitude and adjust our thinking. Adjusting our thinking to contribute to a positive change takes a great deal of patience and reflection. Getting out of our own way and not getting stuck in our feelings. The will that our way isn’t the only way, but recognizing we are better together. Together we can accept our differences and learn with a little bit of grace, compassion and empathy.

Heading Home


Life is a journey, however everyone’s path is so unique. Aren’t we all just headed home eventually in time? Make your time along your journey matter. Make your journey purposeful to yourself and others, but choose wisely on who travels with you on the path you choose and how you respond to nonsense around you along the way. We are all on this journey together and our paths lead us to the same place, home.
Unfortunately,  the path  heading home will  have bumps in the road, people who disappoint us, illness, uncertainty, stress, drama. Keep going on your journey while remembering  we are all just headed home. Be a friend to those when their journey isn’t the smoothest and a friend  to yourself  when obstacles appear on your path. Remember, everything  has a purpose  and happens for a reason. We can’t always control the obstacles  put in our path on our journey home, but we can control our response. So, when you come across the train wreck that may have landed on your path or someone has given you an invitation to their drama, kindly decline unless you can be helpful while not sacrificing your own well being and time.
Celebrate your path! Celebrate how far you have come and the choices you have made to make your journey better. Celebrate your purpose  on your path. Be a friend and celebrate others and their journey. Yes, even though we are all on the same path others’ insecurities  and selfish behavior may try to hinder your path, but it’s not about you, so just keep going with your head held high.  Remember, gossip, nonsense are never helpful to you on your path or others because  we are all headed home together  in time. We are all headed home in time.