Safe at Shore

Are you the type of person that eases your way into the ocean, little by little or standing at the shore enjoying the beach? Or, are you all in? Diving into the water convincing yourself you will feel warmer by just diving in? Both of these ideas take some convincing of our own. Come on, just do it, or I wonder if there are shells!

Sometimes, the more I talk to myself, the more I stay at the shore not walking to take the plunge. Time and time again, I think to myself if someone fighting cancer can get up, show up and keep a positive attitude then I can do this! My Mom, even in her last months woke up with a purpose and never felt sorry for herself. It’s funny because prior to getting sick, my Mom never held a grudge or complained. Thinking back, I don’t think complaining was ever an option. The options were; if something is bothering you, make a change and if you can’t, change the way you think about it. In her words, stop talking about it and do something. Take action whether you are diving in or safe at the shore, see the beauty and believe in your thoughts and actions.

Are you down with 3PP?

If you have to ask yourself this question, chances are whatever is being put in front of you isn’t worth your energy. Ain’t nobody got time for drama, especially in a pandemic. If you are like me, this “new normal” is draining even on a good day because our routines have changed drastically. I find myself reflecting on this question a lot lately. The more we feed into negative energy, the more it manifests and disturbs our own well being. The more we give power into what’s productive, peaceful and positive the happier we’ll be. That simple, keeping it peaceful, positive and productive in this pandemic as much as I can. If it’s not part of the 3Ps, keep it moving. Are you down with 3PP, yeah you know me!:)

Good Grief

I’ve probably written about this before or maybe the lesson is just that good to share again because it resonates so deeply.  

Grief, in hindsight, taught me many lessons and in reflection it still does, even when I least expect it too.  Speak your truth, show how you feel and don’t apologize for speaking the truth in a loving way. People will never understand your situation until they are in it, they speculate, have an opinion, but never will have the clarity as being in the situation.  Let others have their opinion,  you don’t need ownership of that opinion, it’s theirs and certainly do not take it on. Falling victim to doubting ourselves is unproductive, absolutely,  process your feeling and then let it go. 

Keep your mouth shut, share your opinion when it’s asked, but sometimes value the differences in others and realize their opinion is most likely coming from a place of experience that has nothing to do with you.  I learned this lesson as a child, I remember one of my Mom’s friends saying to my Mom as she gave me her look, “Jennifer,  not now.” She’s so funny, she just says what we are all thinking, but don’t want to say. Needless to say, when I got home, my Mom reminded me that’s it’s always not appropriate to share what we are thinking,  even if it’s true, time and place for everything.  

Life is too short for nonsense and don’t take anything too seriously.  Do your best and that’s all you can do, but don’t engage in the ignorance, laziness, stupidity of any situation, you are too good, rise to the situation and when you know better, you do better. 

Fire into the Balance


Resulotions, hmmm……Well, I resolve to be the best version of me this year.
Resolutions, I feel like are something that is said and repeated, but it’s the action that is put into it to keep the resolve. Like anything, it’s work, but work can be a harsh word, so I like to refer to it as a plan of action. Your  plan is your guide to how you conquer your resolve and yes it’s a learning process. A couple of years ago, I attended a workshop with an awesome facilitator life coach, Christa Tinari. She did a great job teaching us how to map out our vision for the new year and creating tangible goals and habits that would lead to our vision. We created a vision board which for me was so helpful into putting my plan into place.
I thought, it would go like this, my vision is to lose weight and by week 2 I would be on my way. Not that easy. It’s a learning process of changing habits and learning along the way. I am thankful for that vision because it led me to being diagnosed with a gluten intolerance which was a complete roadblock to my vision that I had no idea was there. I am thankful to remove that block and keep going getting closer to my vision by changing habits along the way.
My vision for 2016, drum roll please….it’s a collection of small ideas that I am able to envision due to the fact that I’ve worked hard on creating balance, my vision a couple years ago. I continually work on balance, but finally feel centered which took a lot of time of learning how to say yes and make the time to do what truly matters and sometimes that was saying no. My vision this year is to live fierce without doubt. I have all the tools because of saying yes and no in building balance, but now it’s about breathing fire into the balance and my vision board is envigorating. I have learned that your vision may take a little longer than a year, but that’s ok, we are all making steps to our better selves by keeping our vision in mind. Happy New Year!



Celebrate all that you are. Celebrate all that you’ve done. Celebration is recognition of your accomplishments and all the that is to come, so cheers and keep going!