Realistic & Steady

When the road seems tough and you feel like you just can’t take one more step. Detour. Stay releastic, hard is ok, but giving up isn’t. Remain steady in your journey and don’t lose sight of your why and always find grace for yourself and others. jrs

Let fear fuel your plan and lead to success!

Fear, hearing the word you may automatically tense up right?! Like omg, what did I forget? That’s what comes to my mind or maybe even think can I do this, will I succeed? I don’t think I can! Think about it, you are giving power to words and not action. If you have a fear of flying, maybe you avoid flying and take another form of transportation, that’s your plan, you got this because you already mapped out your alternate mode of transportation. What if you can’t do that? You have no choice but to fly. What do you do?! You have a high level of stress because your mind and emotions are in overload with the how, how can I do this? Probably before that you are in denial because you already decided you can’t, but once you think about it hopefully reality reasonates and you think to yourself you can do this. Let’s pause.

What if you don’t? The fear eats you up. As my Mom would say, “you never know until you try” “you are the only one stopping yourself, if you work at it and make a plan you can do it and if it doesn’t work out at least you have the satisfaction of trying.” She never used the word fail and I am grateful she never did! “Try, do your best and that’s all you can do, you can’t control the competition, but yourself, that’s it.” Yes! She’s so right.

Recently, I became certified in reiki and I know the benefits of reiki because I have experienced it first hand. Guess what that sneaky little fear crept in and I started to think what if people feel nothing. That’s what I thought, but I hadn’t even tried it yet!

What’s your plan?

Well, practice, get yourself ready and try it, have a plan of what it will look like. I did, I have given reiki to others and each time I was filled with gratitude because people felt peace and a sense of calm when I was done. Then, my plan grew because I overcame my fear and decided to take the show on the road with a friend who is also certified in reiki and offer it to cancer patients and guess what, the healing energy of peace, relaxation and overall good energy was amazing. Now, we are planning to lead a reiki class at a nearby Community center. Fear for me are stepping stones, the thought creeps in, what if….I breathe, get my plan together, put it in action and before I know fear has been my guiding light because it has driven my plan that I have put in action.

Take the fear, feel it, use it to fuel your plan and success. If your plan doesn’t work out, you have the satisfaction of knowing you tried and remember a street is one way if we make it.

Girl, get up and show up!

I recently have started on a journey of waking up earlier than I need too, which I owe credit to feeling more energized due to eating healthier  minus the seasonal sinus infection that crept its way in.  Feeling energized, waking up earlier, being more focused has led me back to exercising which leads me to feeling overall healthier. Who cares right, good for you, I know, my point is I wasn’t being true to myself, I was a phony. Rushing around, dragging my butt into a gym, half heartedly doing the exercise wasn’t purposeful for me.  I had enough of feeling  like a phony.  Purposeful actions lead to peace and meaningful moments which creates respectful boundaries for ourselves.  I am in the moment which leads to greater moments ahead because when I allow myself to focus and take notice it allows me to appreciate when the right people and moments show up!

Reminder please!

Walking into a meditation class after a long day, no, a long week I felt just drained, haven’t felt this way in a long time, but I was there for a reason, renewal. Did that ever happen to you? You know what’s burdening you,  you are self aware,  but you can’t just let it go, it’s almost like you need someone or something  to step in and shake you up! Well, as I walked into the class, plopping myself down on the yoga mat in between yawns, my lesson was right by my side.  As I was laying my yoga mat down, I saw the person next to me had a tank of oxygen attached with other medical equipment and immediately it’s like I snapped myself out of misery, suddenly feeling drained, I became alive, knowing this person was doing the absolute best they could,  they showed up with a smile, happily engaging in a preclass discussion with the instructor present in the moment in spite any obstacles they may face.  This was a great reminder for me to let it go, all that was draining me, needed to be released, it wasn’t as bad as  I thought and certainly a lesson being revealed. 


Bert, sometimes, I think back to the time I thought my heart would never heal, the tears would never stop and my disbelief was a dream. I think back to the time I thought I was weak because I was just sad and lost because how could this be happening to you, to me, to us, it didn’t make sense.  But, it did, it made sense and total sense in time. What made sense to me is that you genuinely lived your life as an Earth Angel, joyful, grateful, true to yourself and always real, but with humor, love and a sense of style with your fancy pins attached so classy to your blazer.  You made me see cancer as love, you did the absolute best with your cancer and treatment, striving to remain “normal” in spite of many complications,  but you still had the patience to try and help the attending nurse while getting your 15th blood transfusion,  “hun, I would call them back and make them aware you are not getting full service, that shouldn’t be.” Thanking her as you left the room and wishing her a good night. Bert, you taught us all so much with how you lived and navigated your cancer, but in time you taught us that our situation would only be as bad as we allowed it to be,  some things we can’t change, but see the reality and do the best you can. In time Bert, I realized you were called as one of God’s Angels and I see it, everything that I thought was was the worst isn’t,  I thank you for making that clear.  Thanks Bert!