Travel far and wide

The extra mile, not long, but essential. Going the extra mile is filled with purpose. Why travel the extra mile for someone? Someone said to me once, “why do you care so much” “you don’t have to say thank you” “it’s not necessary”. That’s the point, going the extra mile isn’t necessary, but purposeful and meaningful. Getting up caught up in our daily responsibilities happens, but life is about making the moments matter. The purpose matters when it’s authentic. Going the extra mile can look so different for everyone, but it’s never crowded, so go the extra mile, fulfill your purpose and do it authentically and you’ll never get lost.

The best and worst thing that ever happened to me was losing my Mom to cancer unexpectedly and rapidly, she was as wonderful as they come in all areas, going the extra mile daily because she cared genuinely and spoke the truth in a loving matter bringing out the best in others. So, sometimes when we lose something so special, we value it so greatly in others when it’s gone and then want to carry it with us. Travel the extra mile; you’ll never get lost, detoured or caught in traffic because you are traveling on purpose.

What the plank!

Back in March, I rededicate myself to wellness. It sounds a little like a baptism of some sort! I made a conscious effort to get to classes; spinning, bootcamp, zumba, yoga. The smorgasbord board of aerobic activity I’d say. There were days when I was at work thinking I don’t want too, but I remembered how good I felt when the class was over. Who really after working all day wants to plank, throw a tire or lift weights. The more consistent I got in doing classes, the easier and more enjoyable they are. What do “they” say it takes 21 days to create a habit. Well, I think it takes a lot more than that. I love the people I go with, location is convenient, the center is awesome, I feel great doing the classes and my workout clothes are comfy. It takes a lot more than 21 days. The discipline of getting to the gym grounds me. Make yourself a priority, it’s not selfish at all because you are investing in your future. Take it one plank at a time!

Get out!

Sometimes when we are so close to achieving our goal, everything we can control is in place, we’ve done our best and then we wait. The wait can be filled with doubt, right? I think sometimes our thoughts can get in the way of our own plan, no one else is saying give up, but sometimes our own self talk gets in the way. Why? Worry, the more we worry the more we feel like we are working and maybe the more positive we are the more we think it’s an illusion. There are no illusions, you deserve happiness and fullness. Don’t give up, you are only given one life, live it and believe in what you are doing because if you don’t, who will. Remember, when you are rejected you are being guided to something better for you even if it takes time to see it and get there.