How about this?



Change. For. Yourself.

Change your situation or accept it and change your attitude.

You are allowed to feel differently as you evolve and possibly understand a situation differently because that’s called understanding. You have nothing to prove to anyone, those that choose to not seek to understand it’s ok, but don’t waste your energy trying to prove anything. Move on and focus your energy and time where it’s valued. Wish them well from a distance, no need to carry hate in your heart.

I am extremely grateful for family, good friends, my health, a job where I feel truly valued, and having faith in God for the ability to not understand, but know God has our greatest purpose at heart. This past year, I’ve learned the value of this on a deeper level and that has caused me to slow down and value quality over quantity.

How much longer?

Too many times in the past, I thought how many more minutes, how much time left, how long is it, how many days, if I could just make it through….finally, I realized, it’s about noticing, appreciating; the people, moments that unfold while we are waiting. Take your time getting there, the journey is the best part, be thankful for the highs and lows, the lows when self aware take us higher.