Are you in the game or watching from the sideline?

As I looked up at the sky, I thought how awesome. The light of this full moon weaving in and out of the clouds trying it’s best to shine its’ light. Then, it made me think about living through a pandemic and recent news. Sadness, distraught, disappointment, social unrest, sad and disheartening news when we look at social media, news outlets, and unfortunately for some people at times when encountering each other.

When I think back from now until March of 2020, sometimes things seem a blur. That’s not good enough. For me, there are so many blessings during the past year I can reflect on, so many and I’m thankful. However, I find myself taking inventory of what matters and even though we are in a pandemic the blur needs to he refreshed with purpose. This is our reality and how am I keeping purpose?

There are always choices; stay on the sideline or get in the game. I think at some point of the pandemic I’ve been on the sideline getting through a pandemic; going through the motions trying to stay positive. It’s time to get in the game; whether you are the quarterback, goalie, kicker or catcher how will you contribute. Making the effort to cut social media browsing, volunteering in my community, looking into giving reiki at a local organization safely and overall forward thinking. Get in the game safely of course, find your purpose, make a small change and watch it’s domino effect. Yes, sometimes I’ll be cheering from the sidelines sharing the light. Yes, live your life safely, smart during the pandemic, but for me I’m filling the blur with purpose.

Believe, receive and achieve!

I believe when we put out to the Universe; work for it, say it, write it out as a goal and work at it and keep our path genuine, the right people and opportunities show up, synchronizing bringing us what we need and who we need when we are aligned. It takes time, but most of all see all of your opportunities and setbacks as lessons and realize when you are ready you are ready, but sometimes there is no fighting the current but learning to sail with the wind!


Sometimes, I just want to know why,  what’s the reason or purpose in the situation,  why am I here in this situation? Any situation,  getting stuck in traffic, why me? What is this situation preparing me for? Why? The past is my best answer,  when I look back and think to prior situations,  it always worked out for the best and prepared me for the future. You may say, you are just looking on the bright side or thinking too much. No, no, no way. We are put on a path for a reason; chosen or not, steps building on steps; getting us to where we need to go, whether we agree or disagree, one step at a time! 

Just leave it!

Sometimes it’s not about us, believe it or not. Sometimes when people mistreat us, disrespect us or are just plain thoughtless, we did nothing wrong, nothing. It’s not fair, but it’s not personal. Just because you are thoughtful and considerate, unfortunately not everyone is. I repeat, you did nothing wrong. As someone who has recovered as Oprah coined the term “disease to please” I thought there was something more I could of done. It’s not about me. In fact, people teach you how to treat them and show you who you are by their actions. I’ve come to the realization, not to “feel bad” because maybe I should of done this or that, but really just leave it, no I am not a victim, but time is a teacher. It’s not always about me. People show you who they are by their actions and if they care and want to be around you, they’ll do what they can to make you feel welcome and included. If they don’t, leave it, justĀ  leave it and use it as your teacher and future reference guide.



Why do bad things happen to good people? I struggle with this, however, in time I’ve learned through experience the journey we face is given to us for a reason; because we can navigate the journey and become better or possibly become a teacher to others along the way.
Sometimes the teacher’s lesson is the hardest to understand. What is the most difficult is that even though we choose to navigate our journey by being strong, drama free and just getting the job done without a show, we never get the credit or attention we deserve, but guess what, we don’t need it because the journey is ours and we live for just that; the joy of the journey. Celebrate your journey!