Hope is the ship that sails even when the rain, wind, and storm turn fierce. Hope is a guiding light, but it’s up to us to keep it lit. Find it inside yourself to believe that a delay isn’t defeat, but a redirection. Redirection has a purpose even when the purpose isn’t clear in the moment. Sail the ship even when the shore is at a distance and remember growth and empowerment come outside of your comfort zone.

It’s time 2020!

This is short because it’s simple.

Time, use it wisely because it’s a gift. Maximize your moments by realizing time is precious and fill it with joy, purpose, know your worth, find the time to fill yourself with what fills you!

New Year hangover or cleanse?

You are probably thinking girl, who you kidding, ain’t nobody cleansing into New Year’s Day! Cheers to all things Holiday; food, friends, family, fun, Jesus and spirits! How will you enter the New Year cleansing or hungover? A couple years ago, I cleansed my diet of gluten due to the advice of my Dr. and also started meditation and exercise along with prayer and faith in God.  With all this new found healthy living which brought good health and energy, every new year since then  I started off the year by creating a vision board and setting intentions of what I wanted to manifest and how I would manifest. Sounds easy, hang the board and done. Not really, part of it I discovered by journaling is a work in progress and realizing the closed doors were detours to better beginnings.  I must say being mindful, purposeful and having faith in my journey has led me to joy. Making my intentions clear, purposeful and manageable, I truly am excited to start the new year not hungover with last year’s I wish or I wonder.  Cleanse yourself of all the I should of, would of and could of and create your 2018 vision. 


Next! Just not interested, the intention is there but no effort put forth, just spells out not interested. If you want to, you will. Experience has told me, people will “feel bad”, maybe even lie, come up with a story to not follow through to keep plans, keep an appointment, but guess what if they were that interested they would put forth the effort and make the connection or include you. Let their action be your guide. Intention is only as good as action. Period. Don’t feel bad, you did nothing wrong, the motive behind people’s effort has nothing to do with you and if it does, they are not for you. Appreciate and make the time for all the ones who have great intentions and make the effort, they are truly interested and that is genuine.

Dear Teacher, You deserve the break!

Dear Teacher,
Enjoy the break!

Your job never ends, thank you!

As you head through the parking lot, carrying at least two bags in each hand you hear your name being shouted across the parking lot by one of your eager students who was probably excited to spot you getting out of your car. As you juggle your bags to say hello, you just wish his/her            parent/guardian made it to the report card conference, unfortunately they didn’t and am grateful for such a positive, dedicated student.

Through the office you go,  being stopped by the ever dedicated and hard working Counselor giving you a student update. As your shoulder is aching from all the bags, you are grateful you had this moment to chat about your student who desperately needs the support.

To the mailbox, you’ve made it, wondering how and where you will ever so carefully place these papers as you are still navigating all the bags and it’s not even time to begin the day, but there is no beginning and end in teaching. Making your way to your classroom, the Nurse stops you to remind you, your students will need to be  screened. Great, maybe Billy will finally get glasses.

You’ve made it to the classroom with time to spare before the kids come! Are pencils sharpened and ready? Are copies made? Objectives posted? Scheduled posted? Lesson plans checked? Papers graded? Most importantly, get to the bathroom because it will be a good 3 hours before the time will come again.

Good Morning! Let’s begin the day!