How about this?



Change. For. Yourself.

Change your situation or accept it and change your attitude.

You are allowed to feel differently as you evolve and possibly understand a situation differently because that’s called understanding. You have nothing to prove to anyone, those that choose to not seek to understand it’s ok, but don’t waste your energy trying to prove anything. Move on and focus your energy and time where it’s valued. Wish them well from a distance, no need to carry hate in your heart.

I am extremely grateful for family, good friends, my health, a job where I feel truly valued, and having faith in God for the ability to not understand, but know God has our greatest purpose at heart. This past year, I’ve learned the value of this on a deeper level and that has caused me to slow down and value quality over quantity.

Excuse me? 

Standing in line at my favorite gluten free  friendly bakery,  making a hard decision looking at the menu; gluten free pancakes or hmm, I wonder if the panini is on gluten free bread.  Sometimes,  being gluten free is a challenge and reading and asking questions is the key, I learned that the hard way. As I’m reading the menu,  I feel a tap on my shoulder, is this the line, are you in line? Which I was confused because there was three people in front of me, yes I am in line. Are you using the menu? Am I using the menu, I thought,  I am clearly reading it. If you are done, I’ll take it. No, sorry, I am not done, but right over there are more, ugh, I’ll wait for your menu, I may be awhile with it, oh, I can just wait. Now, this might not seem huge, but to me it was. I thought to myself, wow, I could of sacrificed the menu, but then, I was reading and planning questions for the cashier, I could of felt guilty after her nagging, but not one  bit because she could of had her own. Sometimes, giving in, sacrificing our time and talent out of guilt is just easy to shut the voice up, whether in our head or coming from the outside world is easier, but it’s not because you are taking away from your value. We can only help so much, do so much and the choice is theirs, but don’t feel guilty and give in because someone doesn’t want to take initiative when the opportunity is open. Don’t give your power away, especially to others out of guilt, that is truly the thief of joy. I took my time with the menu and gave it to her when I was ready, but joyfully passed it on, on my time.