Are you in the game or watching from the sideline?

As I looked up at the sky, I thought how awesome. The light of this full moon weaving in and out of the clouds trying it’s best to shine its’ light. Then, it made me think about living through a pandemic and recent news. Sadness, distraught, disappointment, social unrest, sad and disheartening news when we look at social media, news outlets, and unfortunately for some people at times when encountering each other.

When I think back from now until March of 2020, sometimes things seem a blur. That’s not good enough. For me, there are so many blessings during the past year I can reflect on, so many and I’m thankful. However, I find myself taking inventory of what matters and even though we are in a pandemic the blur needs to he refreshed with purpose. This is our reality and how am I keeping purpose?

There are always choices; stay on the sideline or get in the game. I think at some point of the pandemic I’ve been on the sideline getting through a pandemic; going through the motions trying to stay positive. It’s time to get in the game; whether you are the quarterback, goalie, kicker or catcher how will you contribute. Making the effort to cut social media browsing, volunteering in my community, looking into giving reiki at a local organization safely and overall forward thinking. Get in the game safely of course, find your purpose, make a small change and watch it’s domino effect. Yes, sometimes I’ll be cheering from the sidelines sharing the light. Yes, live your life safely, smart during the pandemic, but for me I’m filling the blur with purpose.

Do your best, that’s it.

Thank you to all the “helpers” for all you are doing to keep people safe and healthy.

Doing your best at this point means staying home. Is it easy? No. Introverts are rejoicing. Extroverts are most likely struggling. Kids are at home, homes have turned into schools and offices. Gyms. Dance and exercise studios. All while being interrupted by Corona Conferences. We or should I say I’m on overload of constant information, all while forgetting what day it is wearing yesterday’s pajamas and last month’s nails, ok, let’s be honest. It’s not pretty.

Stop. Do the best you can. Be kind to yourself. Sometimes making it through the day matters. Work. Exercise. Pray. Meditation. Clean. Hobbies. Family and friends. Organize. Social Distance Socialize. Netflix. Eat and Drink.

Think positive, everything in moderation isn’t that what “they” say, be kind to yourself and enjoy the days as best you can. That’s it, that’s all we can and yes, stay home.

Cancer and weight watchers changed my life!

Well, maybe not exactly, cancer and weight watchers changed my life forever and ever, but changed my perspective on life. This will be short because it’s that easy. This has nothing to do with the weight watcher diet, this is not an advertisement and I’m not a paid spokesperson. Ha, now that we got that out of the way! My Mom for some time right before being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer was feeling great, had no prior symptoms and had been eating healthy and was counting points on weight watchers successfully losing weight. This is my point,  with no prior symptoms she was diagnosed with cancer while making dietary changes and eating healthy and did it because she felt good, she was making changes for her health that were realistic.  This is not a science or medical article.  My point is, enjoy life, enjoy what you are eating, enjoy exercising and do it because you like how you feel or simply embrace yourself and enjoy yourself because she went from counting points to losing weight from chemo and radiation treatments very quickly, completely out of her control. So, be healthy,  but don’t deprive yourself and be comfortable in your own skin because life is too short to deprive yourself of joy!


The ever so popular Facebook, I mean, it must be true it’s on Facebook! It’s like what is printed on the rear view mirror of a vehicle, “objects in mirror may appear closer than they are!” Facebook reminds me of this saying time and time again. Let’s be honest,  we all choose how and what we post, the objects on FB may not appear this way in real life. The reverse is true, there is more to life than what is posted. However,  you can tell a lot about a person according to their post or should I say portrayal. For example, last week I was in a waterpark having a great time, especially on water slides, but I did not dare take a picture of water clogging up my nose and bathing suit ending up you know where on the very fast way down the water slide in my tube. My point, facebook is great in my opinion catching up with others, photos, stories, factual/real information, celebrating/sharing, keeping in touch in our busy lives.  Don’t compare your day running errands to someone’s day at the beach or a celebrity spotting because while you are busy or getting ready for the vacation; objects in the mirror are closer than they appear! What, how, why, who cares ? Do you ever just think these thoughts while scrolling, exactly, but then think, that’s so nice, beautiful, aw, that’s great.  It’s overstimulating, so we then become gardeners, weeding out all that’s newsworthy to us. This saying always makes my skin crawl, very, very well meaning, but it sort of reminds me of what is scattered throughout a haunted house front yard; RIP. Yes, I know,  rest in peace, so very thoughtful and kind. But, it’s just that RIP, done, scroll, like this, love that. Meanwhile, RIP is still grieving, after every story you read on your newsfeed. So, just remember,  “objects in mirror are closer than they appear.” Some objects need a bit more TLC, while others will appear further from the truth and heart. TTYL

Open your eyes!

If you know me, you know two things, I have a special love of my Chiropractor, as my Mom would joke, “he’s a miracle worker, your vision and acid reflux are cured!” We would all laugh, but seriuosly, he’s the best! And, I know it, have the faith of it, God and Angels are always on our side as we are open to it,  putting us exactly where we are needed and meant to be. But, really the traffic, the storm, the er, yes, I believe you are there for a reason. 

As you may or may not have read in a previous post, use it as a lesson, my handle bars weren’t tight at spin class and going up on a run,  I literally went up and over the bike as the handles gave way leaving me with serious bruises.   I am accustomed to bruises due to weak veins, a gift I inherited from my Mom, so I wasn’t surprised or alarmed by the unsightly bruises that was until my Dad who would shrug off injuries and say,” put ice on it, you’ll be ok”, until he said, “oh, that’s not good.” Proceeded to tell me to go to the er and reminisced about an old sports injury, that should of been tended to sooner.

So, of course, after doing and going everywhere I had planned first, I mean, it’s only a leg for crying out loud, I dragged it around,  with a smile, thankful I had it, aware the nerve pain was secretly making me miserable. I went to the er, long story short, after many tests, told stories, “oh, we’ve never seen a bruise that bad before, what happened!” So, prodding for blood, scooting around in a hospital, thinking, I didn’t think it was this bad, 10 days later until the trauma surgeon showed up and said we will need to drain it, of course as I lay there watching  YouTube to investigate, not a good idea to say the least!

As, I get carted off to the short procedure unit, saying my good byes, thinking,  I just won’t look and I’ll be fine! An Angel showed up, disguised as my Chiropractor,  he was the miracle worker for sure, no just kidding. As I lay there,  the nice man, said, “oh, you are Roberta’s daughter, she was just the greatest person.”  As, I  started talking, I was at ease, “your Dad is so great too.” So, of course, my eyes were forced open as I was done,  my headache was gone as  was about 200 ml of blood sitting on top of my nerve from the bruise. As, I was wheeled off, he said, “God bless you and your family.” He certainly has, he did that day even in the er. Angels all around blessing us! Thankful I was in good hands!