To live

Someone once said to me “you like to work; you work hard, you volunteer…you like hard work.” Then, I really thought about it; one of the biggest lessons the death of my Mom from unexpected cancer taught me is to live. To live. To live and experience life. Experience life, but don’t let the experience get the best of you. We as humans will die someday, it’s a fact. How we die, God has our plan in the palm of his hand, us in the palm of his hand. I choose to work hard at living, doing the best I can, enjoying life and realizing death will come, come unexpectedly whether we want it too or not. Be positive because God, the Universe is listening and you have too much living to be wasted being negative. Work hard at living, put your worry into faith and enjoy the experience.

Every now and then…

Then,  I would think;  too good to be true, I don’t deserve this, I feel bad, “they” must think, this is too easy, no way this can be right, I can’t……sometimes, I think we can be accustomed to tragedy, whether personal, social media induced, it becomes a norm because as a society we are driven by fear that turns into fight or flight. It’s human nature.   I always wondered why there wasn’t a celebrate or learn option, hence, my point; fear. Fight, flight, celebrate and learn. That was then.

Now, there is no fear, maybe because I had a lot of fear through death,  fear that wiped me out into the fight, fight so bad I became physically ill. Now, celebrate; I do deserve this, why not I work hard, enjoy, take care it’s not selfish. Learn. Learn to celebrate, take in, see the good, be grateful, embrace, laugh and don’t feel bad, you deserve this life, God chose you and only gave you one. Celebrate now!

My Mom passed, but the love didn’t. 

One of the most valuable lessons among the many that  my  Mom’s passing taught me is that love doesn’t pass. 

The love of a Mother is strong, so strong that it never fails. I was very fortunate that God gave me a huge blessing in my Mom, a blessing so many held close in heart, Roberta, a friend . 

When you experience the love, the bond, the friendship of a Mom, you cherish it and when it is taken too soon in death, you value it and suddenly your perception of every detail, understanding of each circumstance is changed and made softer, clearer with deeper appreciation and gratitude because suddenly you see her love hasn’t passed, but grew deeper and stronger. 

Mirror Mirror

The way people treat us is not a mirror of how we treat others, sadly and unfortunately, for those of us that are selfless, thoughtful and kind…… will not come back to us automatically, I repeat, you  did nothing wrong when your kindness is not reciprocated, but it’s not automatic as much as  I try to reason and assume others will be as selfless to us as they  are treated, it ain’t happening! Even if I keep trying and get nothing in return, I can’t  make it happen. Am  I high maintenance because I appreciate kindness, respect and thoughtfulness from others, nah. I am aware and forgiving because even though what I give out doesn’t come back to me, it really does. It really does because people  can only do what they are capable of. It really does because  I know my worth and am a giver by nature but,  I also know when enough is enough and wise up. Sometimes, I need to experience after I’ve seen the warning signs, which  I’ve been understanding of. It really does because,  people, our world need kindness, respect and thoughtfulness, so  keep giving it and shedding the light. My expectations, in time, I’ve learned to keep them low because people  only give out what they are capable of, it’s not about me, but I’ve become wiser in what I allow and surround myself in.

That’s all she wrote ( for now anyway)

Thank you everyone for following and reading! I appreciate all of your kind comments and encouraging words. As Angela Lansbury would say, “that’s all she wrote.” For now, Angela your words speak to me, taking a break and that’s all she wrote. Thank you to all the readers for making this a great experience.  Until we meet again!