Flip the switch and breathe..

I’ve been thinking a lot, lately, a lot about flipping the switch and taking a deep breath. Not only thinking, but trying hard every day to flip my mind to the positive. Gratitude. Patience. Kindness. Creativity. Health. Good choices.

First, thank you to all of the “helpers” everyone who is working in the health care field fighting the COVID 19 virus. Thank you to the grocery store workers stocking shelves and all of those working hard to take care of the needs of others. Everyone who is doing what they can to flatten the curve and in support, thank you!

Now, let’s talk about flipping that switch! Is it simple, no?! Anxiety about what’s next, what we are missing, who we are missing, change in routine, leaving our homes, surviving and the list goes on. Anxiety.

Breathe. Inhale what you are grateful for and exhale the negative thought. Nothing is permanent, fortunately, however sacrifices need to be made, stay in and be well. Stay safe, stay in, stay well.

Flip it, flip the thought. Gratitude. Are you healthy? Health is a blessing. Are you staying in? Gratitude. Playing games, exercise, movies, meditation, reading, cleaning, social distance walking, organizing, journaling, cooking, laughing with family. Hobbies. In some ways this situation is like a detox that is if you are fortunate to be healthy and able to stay at home. We live in a world where we are in constant motion, constant. Sometimes, we need to be still. Still.

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.

Faith is not knowing the outcome, but realizing nothing is permanent. There’s always sun after the storm. Faith is the ability to look deeper, bigger, brighter. One moment at a time, one thought at a time. We are on information overload, set boundaries for yourself, but not to remain ignorant of news coverage, but there’s a limit to everything.

Schedules may work for some people, but don’t beat yourself up if you are not keeping up with the schedule. If you are like me, anxiety happens when I don’t keep up with my own schedule. Instead, I create lists for the week and break it down to the days. Give yourself a break, be productive, but remember this is unknown territory, so be kind to yourself. If it helps, keep a gratitude journal of at least three things you are grateful for each day. Laugh, laugh a lot.

Grateful. Stay at Home. Patience.