Spoonful of Sugar 

It’s January, time to refocus on my daily routine, healthy eating, torturing my muscles, I mean working out, drinking water like I’m in the Sahara, organization like Mary Poppins has taken over,  really, I think because I’ve worked to maintain balance, I feel like I’m floating like Mary with her umbrella. I know crazy, right! 

Here’s why, I realized it as I woke up in the Dentist’s chair as my appointment was over. Yes, I fell sound asleep during a teeth cleaning.  I was tired as I sat on the dentist chair, my muscles were screaming from the previous day’s workout, but I was present. Present in the moment and listening. If you are tired sleep, thirsty drink, listen to your gut and trust what’s right is right and what’s wrong isn’t for me, but trust your situation and where you are meant to be. I realized after I woke up, it wasn’t about the drill, my teeth, the chair, but it was all about my faith in the hygenist and being present and trusting the situation. I woke up refreshed with clean teeth just like a spoonful of sugar!

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