Lately, I’ve been thinking about being genuine, completely genuine, sharing what’s on my mind, but being true to me and selfless in a positive way. Honestly, I would tend to hold back because I didn’t want to be creepy and seem like a people pleaser, but since I’ve started truely sharing even through the blog, joy, doors, new opportunities just start showing up, but for me it’s not about that. It’s about being present, present in the moment and enjoying these moments in life and quite honestly not being selfish. If you have something nice to say, share it, but for me expect nothing in return, but knowing for that one person it could of made a huge impact. That’s what it is about,  I’ve had those moments, when a person has something really great and I was extremely grateful.  It always isn’t sunshine, but being genuine allows us to be authentic to ourselves and people might not get the no, but they don’t have to because it’s not their struggle. I can say this; by being authentic automatically brings boundaries which when people see your authenticity you will gain respect because you are being true to you! Life is way too short for wasted moments and opportunities, say it and share it because being genuine and offering joy to others is never out of style. 

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