Compassion and passion 

Something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately especially when my patience wears thin so, here I go….Compassion and passion, from the teacher stand point have the same base word, but not until I really looked at the word,  I realized is it possible not to have compassion for the non existence of passion? You are probably thinking,  what in God’s name are you talking about? Everything and anything actually. We as humans will not have passion for all the  same things; working in a certain field, sports, work, people, etc. Should we, that’s a matter of opinion. Can we be compassionate of other’s view points and ideas, absolutely,  is it hard, absolutely, is it respectful,  absolutely.  Do we need to agree,  no. That’s what it all comes down to respect of differences and finding the compassion to keep respectful boundaries of our opinions.  My Mom, always said, it’s not what you say, but how it’s said that matters. It’s the truth, straight shooter as she was, she had compassion for all, but the passion to deliver the truth in a loving, respectful,  kind manner. Passion for Compassion. 

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