Reminder please!

Walking into a meditation class after a long day, no, a long week I felt just drained, haven’t felt this way in a long time, but I was there for a reason, renewal. Did that ever happen to you? You know what’s burdening you,  you are self aware,  but you can’t just let it go, it’s almost like you need someone or something  to step in and shake you up! Well, as I walked into the class, plopping myself down on the yoga mat in between yawns, my lesson was right by my side.  As I was laying my yoga mat down, I saw the person next to me had a tank of oxygen attached with other medical equipment and immediately it’s like I snapped myself out of misery, suddenly feeling drained, I became alive, knowing this person was doing the absolute best they could,  they showed up with a smile, happily engaging in a preclass discussion with the instructor present in the moment in spite any obstacles they may face.  This was a great reminder for me to let it go, all that was draining me, needed to be released, it wasn’t as bad as  I thought and certainly a lesson being revealed. 

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