Confident & Secure

Makeup, spanx, jewerly, let’s face it even a hairbrush make me feel luxurious, but who wants to squeeze, suck in, take the time, wake up earlier to do it all up only to run around in an Elementary School with an unexpected accessory of markers and white out  dolloped on my hands. Spanx, are for special occasions of sucking in when I feel like breathing isn’t a necessity.  Really, who wakes up and looks forward to their spanx, not me.  Special occasions, like a Wedding and I can guarantee this is only because pictures are being taken and it’s only fair to the Bride her pictures are amazing.  Makeup,  my dark under eye circles are ever so grateful. Do I do all this stuff? Yes, but why, do I need too on a daily basis, no way. Do I like to wear makeup, there’s something about waking up, dressing up and being ready.  In reality, my confidence lies in me, not the spanx, makeup,  jewerly, it’s me, being comfortable and secure in who I am, that is priceless and a lot more comfortable to breathe in too! Be who you are and own it, own your strengths,  know your weaknesses and work on them. Life is too short to wake up afraid, live it, live your life happy and secure in you because that’s the best kind of beauty there is!

2 thoughts on “Confident & Secure

  1. I love how you talk about everyday beauty standards and how that does NOT define us as women. Great job! I hope to see more writings like this! Very uplifting!

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