Find the beat and feel it! 

Change, whether you ask for it or it just lands in your lap, change brings many emotions.

Find the beat and feel it, feel it, like Elaine on Seinfeld found her groove on that dance floor! If you’re  not feeln it, change that channel and find your song. Embrace that beat!

Change for me is something that challenges me, but at the same time, for a bit, I chase it, beat myself up and tell myself everything I would never tell a friend and some how think the FBI is going to track me down, tell me I’m a big fat phony and then remind myself, that I’m completely crazy. Then, I move on and start feeling the beat and realize I turned the channel for a reason, go ahead girl, you got this! I remind myself that I am my own worst critic and I found the beat and now, I am allowing myself to feel it and embrace the change, but by keeping the faith that everything happens for a reason.  

2 thoughts on “Find the beat and feel it! 

  1. Thank you for this post….I’ve been feeling lost these last couple of months. My life has been surrounded by change, and it’s all happening too quickly for me. I will learn to embrace it now. Thanks for sharing : ) ~ From: Thomas

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