The ever so popular Facebook, I mean, it must be true it’s on Facebook! It’s like what is printed on the rear view mirror of a vehicle, “objects in mirror may appear closer than they are!” Facebook reminds me of this saying time and time again. Let’s be honest,  we all choose how and what we post, the objects on FB may not appear this way in real life. The reverse is true, there is more to life than what is posted. However,  you can tell a lot about a person according to their post or should I say portrayal. For example, last week I was in a waterpark having a great time, especially on water slides, but I did not dare take a picture of water clogging up my nose and bathing suit ending up you know where on the very fast way down the water slide in my tube. My point, facebook is great in my opinion catching up with others, photos, stories, factual/real information, celebrating/sharing, keeping in touch in our busy lives.  Don’t compare your day running errands to someone’s day at the beach or a celebrity spotting because while you are busy or getting ready for the vacation; objects in the mirror are closer than they appear! What, how, why, who cares ? Do you ever just think these thoughts while scrolling, exactly, but then think, that’s so nice, beautiful, aw, that’s great.  It’s overstimulating, so we then become gardeners, weeding out all that’s newsworthy to us. This saying always makes my skin crawl, very, very well meaning, but it sort of reminds me of what is scattered throughout a haunted house front yard; RIP. Yes, I know,  rest in peace, so very thoughtful and kind. But, it’s just that RIP, done, scroll, like this, love that. Meanwhile, RIP is still grieving, after every story you read on your newsfeed. So, just remember,  “objects in mirror are closer than they appear.” Some objects need a bit more TLC, while others will appear further from the truth and heart. TTYL

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