Open your eyes!

If you know me, you know two things, I have a special love of my Chiropractor, as my Mom would joke, “he’s a miracle worker, your vision and acid reflux are cured!” We would all laugh, but seriuosly, he’s the best! And, I know it, have the faith of it, God and Angels are always on our side as we are open to it,  putting us exactly where we are needed and meant to be. But, really the traffic, the storm, the er, yes, I believe you are there for a reason. 

As you may or may not have read in a previous post, use it as a lesson, my handle bars weren’t tight at spin class and going up on a run,  I literally went up and over the bike as the handles gave way leaving me with serious bruises.   I am accustomed to bruises due to weak veins, a gift I inherited from my Mom, so I wasn’t surprised or alarmed by the unsightly bruises that was until my Dad who would shrug off injuries and say,” put ice on it, you’ll be ok”, until he said, “oh, that’s not good.” Proceeded to tell me to go to the er and reminisced about an old sports injury, that should of been tended to sooner.

So, of course, after doing and going everywhere I had planned first, I mean, it’s only a leg for crying out loud, I dragged it around,  with a smile, thankful I had it, aware the nerve pain was secretly making me miserable. I went to the er, long story short, after many tests, told stories, “oh, we’ve never seen a bruise that bad before, what happened!” So, prodding for blood, scooting around in a hospital, thinking, I didn’t think it was this bad, 10 days later until the trauma surgeon showed up and said we will need to drain it, of course as I lay there watching  YouTube to investigate, not a good idea to say the least!

As, I get carted off to the short procedure unit, saying my good byes, thinking,  I just won’t look and I’ll be fine! An Angel showed up, disguised as my Chiropractor,  he was the miracle worker for sure, no just kidding. As I lay there,  the nice man, said, “oh, you are Roberta’s daughter, she was just the greatest person.”  As, I  started talking, I was at ease, “your Dad is so great too.” So, of course, my eyes were forced open as I was done,  my headache was gone as  was about 200 ml of blood sitting on top of my nerve from the bruise. As, I was wheeled off, he said, “God bless you and your family.” He certainly has, he did that day even in the er. Angels all around blessing us! Thankful I was in good hands!

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