Hustle and bring a helmet! 

A couple years ago, I came to accept that as much as I wish I could enjoy leisurely running, competing races in the heat and freezing cold, it’s not happening, I hate it! Hate is a strong word, but I hate it! Playing various sports throughout my life, running was essential, but it had a purpose,  “get the ball, get the rebound, get under the ball,” words spoken from the sideline, I got it, with the occasional,  well more so than not, “hustle, Jennifer.” So, I hustled to get the ball, the basketball, the rebound, however the hustle wasn’t always pretty,  I forced myself because I was part of the team and had a purpose.  I accepted the truth and leisurely running wasn’t for me and tried out spinning and loved it, so I thought!

Blessed with extremely flat feet and bunions, I guess that’s why everyone was telling me to hustle because I was so busy  trying to get my flat feet off the ground! I took my blessings and tried out spinning, loving it, until the near death of my feet from plantar fascitis, that is another story to come, stay tuned! I get back on the bike after not riding for awhile after my near plantar fascitis fatality.  I head to a spin class with a friend, wearing my inserts in my sneakers protecting the hustle, towel, water bottle, good to go! 

The class wasn’t packed, but nicely attended and thankfully no one in front of me which  gave me a clear view of the instructor and plenty of room. I get on the bike, making adjustments, ready to go. Checking my seat of course, making sure my butt is comfy and weights nearby because we’ll be hopping off the bike to do intervals, thinking this is a great idea, especially for my newly healed foot. Spinning requires sitting and some jumping. Did I say jumping or falling forward feeling totally out of control. What? That’s what happened, “up on 3”, got it, did it, but all the sudden the handle bars become loose, I fell forward and they come out,  the instructor runs over, I get my foot out of the pedal, put the bike together and hop on with fresh, new bruises and decide I’ll finish, but no more jumping.  I felt myself falling and completely out of control, let go and accepted the fact, my bruises weren’t pretty, but thank God, it could of been worse. Hustle, I could hear in my head,  so the class can go on, hustle up and get back on that bike! 

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