Bert, sometimes, I think back to the time I thought my heart would never heal, the tears would never stop and my disbelief was a dream. I think back to the time I thought I was weak because I was just sad and lost because how could this be happening to you, to me, to us, it didn’t make sense.  But, it did, it made sense and total sense in time. What made sense to me is that you genuinely lived your life as an Earth Angel, joyful, grateful, true to yourself and always real, but with humor, love and a sense of style with your fancy pins attached so classy to your blazer.  You made me see cancer as love, you did the absolute best with your cancer and treatment, striving to remain “normal” in spite of many complications,  but you still had the patience to try and help the attending nurse while getting your 15th blood transfusion,  “hun, I would call them back and make them aware you are not getting full service, that shouldn’t be.” Thanking her as you left the room and wishing her a good night. Bert, you taught us all so much with how you lived and navigated your cancer, but in time you taught us that our situation would only be as bad as we allowed it to be,  some things we can’t change, but see the reality and do the best you can. In time Bert, I realized you were called as one of God’s Angels and I see it, everything that I thought was was the worst isn’t,  I thank you for making that clear.  Thanks Bert! 

3 thoughts on “Clarity

  1. So very true Jenn. Your mom was my hero. I’ll never forget we went out to dinner just months before her passing and she just acted normal as if nothing were wrong with here. She just wanted to know all about us. She had tremendous courage and love.

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