Spanx, Bras and Compression Stockings, really, a girl’s best friend! Yes, I said so! 

Spanx, bras and now, compression stockings, a girl, has gotta do, what she needs to! Stuff herself into garments to make herself feel better, really, well, maybe in some ways. A gift!

My Mom, blessed me with so many wonderful gifts, but there’s one, that I always was looking to return, but never could find what I wanted, so I sort of just ignored that I needed it. Ah, the compression stockings, buried deep in the bottom of my drawer in a lovely shade of nude, open toe of course, so, just in case  I wanted to stroll around in my flip flops at the beach  I could, the options could be endless, open toe shoes, sandals, I mean a whole new term to “trendy”. The stockings were of good use when, unfortunately I had a gift I inherited, stripped, taken away and never missed, vericose veins, that accentuated my pale legs, thanks Bert! After that, back in the drawer the stockings went, hope springs eternal, I’m done, the veins are gone, I’ll  just keep these in here, now. 

My Mom, never complained, but she rarely, ever wore shorts because of her “veiny legs”, “people don’t need to see them. ” she would say.  You knew it was hot because she didn’t care and occasionally she would say, I need to rest my leg, my vein hurts, but then get up and go on with her day. I loved the veins she carried, she never complained, she felt worse for others having to see them.  The veins said a lot of who she was. I loved the veins because they were the epitomy of her, she just did what needed to be done and didn’tcomplain and took care of herself and others.  

“If you are not going  to do something about it Jenn, then, stop talking about it, just take care of it.” I could hear my Mom in my head as I stood, legs swollen, feet swollen and in pain, ignoring the fact that I have insufficient vein flow in my legs as diagnosed by a Dr., quite common and really no big deal, but self care is the key.  “Put the damn stockings on and stop suffering.”  I finally, went to the drawer took them out, put them on and at about 3:00 after standing all day, thanked God and Bert for this gift, “just do it, you’ll feel better” I could hear her in my head.  Embrace what is, you are better for it.”

I did feel better and there are no returns in sight, in fact, I am looking into getting another pair, closed toe of course, winter days get cold, options are endless. They’ve made it to the shoe closet, no more hiding in the drawer!

At the end of the day, bra, spanx, compression stockings, a girl’s best friend, the gift is even greater when it comes off and are free. Thanks Bert for showing me how to embrace the “veiny legs” and take care of what I need to do for my best. Yes, my next pair of stockings, just might be black, classic, like you!

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