Have you ever been driving and all the sudden you think, I’ve forgotten, where am I, did I really drive that far, am I still here, did I hit something? I’ve done that, panic sets in because I felt so out of control, but to my surprise still safe and on my way. Still, in the moment, but trained in my mind to just settle in and drive, still, in the driver’s seat. 

Being still is not easy for me I admit, however I am learning to be still, wait, listen, enjoy, be at peace in the moment. I take a wonderful restorative yoga class accompanied with reiki and this past week, the message I needed to hear was shared by the wise instructor;” being centered in self is not being self centered.” Thank you, repeated through the class, was exactly what I needed. Still. Be still. Centered in self, I’ve learned brings your best self, putting yourself  in the center and filling the space with what brings you joy, the people, places, experiences, activities, self care and creating the boundaries to allow what keeps you in the center. Still, being centered in joy, love, peace and having the ability to say  no to anything that is not serving the purpose to keep you still in your best self is not selfish. Still.

I learned a long time ago, wearing the badge of honor, YES, YES I CAN, I’ll DO IT, SURE, left me physically ill with shingles, the message I needed,  to be still. I physically was still in bed sick for a week/more. Centered in self is not selfish, it was selfish that  I neglected myself so much wearing that badge of honor and became ill. Today, centered in self, my yes, yes I can, I’ll do it, sure; are still, in the moment because they are limited with boundaries I need to stay centered in self, genuine, not selfish. My center is joyful, peaceful, purposeful, self aware and still trying my best to be still in the moment, tucking the badge of honor YES away and not being selfish by saying no, to anything that keeps me away from the center, staying still in a respectful, purposeful boundaries created for my best self.

Still can be messy, when the badge of honor is tucked away, but in time you’ll realize what you are saying yes too and surrounding yourself in, is for your greater good. The people, places, experiences you need to keep you centered in your best self, they’ll be there and the people that make the time for you, they’ll be there.  Centered in self,  it’s not selfish, anything that is not serving your highest purpose and joy does not belong in the stillness.

                                    Psalm 46

          He says, “Be still, and know that I am God”

2 thoughts on “Still

  1. This is one of you most fabulous writings I as well as other can truly relate to. Making the change is not the difficult part. It is the negativity you will experience when you take control of your life. But this is necessary to rearch your happiness.

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