Less is More

Less  is more when less is purposeful and productive. I think I’ve come to this conclusion for myself because as I wrote in an earlier post, the small moments in life, make a big difference. Savor them. Stop trying so hard, sometimes the best thing to do is less; less worry, less talking, less doing and less trying. We live in a society where we are always yearning for more bang for our buck, which is great, don’t get me wrong, I love my AMC stubs card where I can upgrade my popcorn for free, but sometimes when we force ourselves to go big, it bursts and we are left depleted. The best thing to do sometimes is to just show up and be supportive, no need to jump out of the cake to make your presence known, just be you and stop trying so hard. Just show up be supportive, make your intentions purposeful and productive and relax, have faith in the small moments which don’t need to be supersized, they can be, but when the time is right.  Do all you can to make your moments purposeful and productive and keep the faith that sometimes, less is more and the more purposeful, productive, positive and supportive you are to your beliefs the less you need to build more of what matters to you.


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