Always around, but never here

Always around, but never here.

That’s exactly, how it is Mom, you left us here on earth, your spirit is all around, your love, wonderful personality tucked away inside, it’s an honor when people tell me I am so much like my Mom. But, you are not here. It’s sad, especially on Mother’s Day, the commercials, pictures, cards, the stores flashing their teary, joyful sentiments. I
think of all the wonderful memories and appreciation of what I had it makes me cry and smile all together.  You are all around, but not here.

Not here, to tell me “good for you” ” oh stop it, stop worrying” “Jennifer, you are not wrapped too tight, you are nuts” “Alright, Jenn” “How’s my JennyJenn”?

             Always around, but not here

I get it Mom, you did all you could in your fight against cancer. You did all you could as a person. You were a teacher in everything without the title, you didn’t need it or want it, you lived it. People were better just by being in your presence. Always around but, never here.

As a client said at your Memorial Service, God needed another Angel and called on our sister Roberta. Thank you for being all around. Happy Mother’s Day!

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