I miss…

This is just real and true and I am extremely grateful God chose my Mom for myself and family.

I miss so much, but what I miss most is what people didn’t know I really loved and I didn’t know how much I loved it until I lost it.  I miss all the little moments that brought so much love that I really just took for granted because even though they seemed ordinary they were extraordinary. I’ve realized the value of what l had in my Mom was priceless, but most of all truly special not just because she was my Mom, but my friend.  In time, I have realized, no matter how old you are, you will still want, need and miss your Mom, but most of all value her and all that she is. Yes, I greatly appreciate what I had and put a lot of value on it and it warms my heart, but the void is there and that’s ok. I miss her ability to get things done and multi task. I miss all the comments and genuine concern, “Do you think you should put a little lipstick on?” “Call me when you get there.” My favorite,  “Watch out for the leaves, they are slippery when they are wet.” The looks, the laugh until there were tears. The phone calls, the messages of “how did it go or how did you make out?” I miss how much she truly cared and reached out and how genuinely good she was to all, not just me. I miss the effortless concern and respect we shared. I miss how much she just “got it”. I miss her no  nonsense, I miss her honesty, I miss her sincere kindness. I miss her insight. I miss her unexpected cursing, “oh shit, I dropped it.” I miss her ability to see all sides and straight shoot the truth. I miss the way she would look up glancing above her glasses. I miss her, “ok, hun, l will talk to you later.” I miss her ability to listen, not to get her words out,  but because she was truly concerned about what you were saying. I miss her sense of wrong and right. I miss hearing her heels. I miss that she was always available when you needed her. I miss her vibrance and joy, there was never a question of what you would get with her, you could count on her joy and honesty always. The scent of her perfume. The list can go and on, for that I am grateful. Most of all, I miss her, my Mom, my friend, my Bert.

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