Scars into Rainbows


Someone said to me this week that the death of a loved one has nothing to do with learning life lessons. Well, everyone is entitled to their opinion, however I thought that seemed a bit arrogant especially because you’ve lost a loved one. However, I then thought it’s not my job to judge people’s opinions especially when it comes to grief. Really, maybe this thought comes from a view point of a “Superman Mentality” Death will not and can not effect me! Whether you think it does or doesn’t death of a loved one does effect you, sometimes our scars are invisible, sometimes our scars run deep.  Scars are silent reminders, heartaches, anger, understanding, pain, but most of all are yours alone.
It has taken me time to understand the scars and it’s not my job to convince people to turn their scar into a rainbow. A rainbow is beauty and sometimes the beauty comes in the need to listen and not to fix someone’s scar, but don’t let the scar take away from the beauty of your rainbow.

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