If you want to, you will.

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned after losing my Mom is that time is a gift. She always made time for people, events and made it truly, genuinely special and thoughtful. She always had time to listen, respond and help with genuine concern and sound advice with integrity. Her motto was “if you are going to do it, do it right and your best.” If you made the commitment honor it. It’s not all about you, do it for the experience. I am grateful for the wonderful experiences she put us through; soccer, tennis lessons, piano to name a few and my practicing and concerts were amazing, ha! I finished it through and came out with a great experience. Her love of others was selfless, her ability to see the whole situation, stand firm in her beliefs and truth but embrace it with love was truly amazing. Bert, we are all better because of you and for you I am truly grateful!


2 thoughts on “If you want to, you will.

  1. i want to know if i can purchase this poster/plaque? I survived AML 9 years now & a dear friend just reached her 5 year post AML & I want to give this to her. If you don’t sell it maybe you could let me know where i can purchase it. Thank-you, Carolyn

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    1. Hi, congratulations to you and your friend, that’s wonderful 💛 No, this is not for purchase and I do not remember where I got, put you can share or send the post via email or messenger or blog.


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