Heading Home


Life is a journey, however everyone’s path is so unique. Aren’t we all just headed home eventually in time? Make your time along your journey matter. Make your journey purposeful to yourself and others, but choose wisely on who travels with you on the path you choose and how you respond to nonsense around you along the way. We are all on this journey together and our paths lead us to the same place, home.
Unfortunately,  the path  heading home will  have bumps in the road, people who disappoint us, illness, uncertainty, stress, drama. Keep going on your journey while remembering  we are all just headed home. Be a friend to those when their journey isn’t the smoothest and a friend  to yourself  when obstacles appear on your path. Remember, everything  has a purpose  and happens for a reason. We can’t always control the obstacles  put in our path on our journey home, but we can control our response. So, when you come across the train wreck that may have landed on your path or someone has given you an invitation to their drama, kindly decline unless you can be helpful while not sacrificing your own well being and time.
Celebrate your path! Celebrate how far you have come and the choices you have made to make your journey better. Celebrate your purpose  on your path. Be a friend and celebrate others and their journey. Yes, even though we are all on the same path others’ insecurities  and selfish behavior may try to hinder your path, but it’s not about you, so just keep going with your head held high.  Remember, gossip, nonsense are never helpful to you on your path or others because  we are all headed home together  in time. We are all headed home in time.


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