What’s outside, you’ll be surprised!


Have you stepped out of your comfort zone or maybe you have been wanting too? I have come to believe stepping out of our comfort zone is supported by our sense of faith, trust and courage in ourselves but as well as our situation and God. I recently completed a series of eight high ropes obstacles that were full of fun and adventure let’s just say. Back in High School along with my Church’s Confirmation class, we  completed a team building activity “high hopes with high ropes.” I remember it being so rewarding because staring at those 30 ft. high ropes dangling from trees climbing a very narrow wire harnessed into a support I thought  I’ll just watch, I don’t think I can do this, am I strong enough that wasn’t an option. The purpose in the activity was to have faith in yourself and trust your supports the rope and our team.  Kind of like God and ourselves, huh? I think so, as much as I was so anxious looking on at others completing each task I had a sense of teamwork knowing I was supported by the rope, but also my team. Let’s fast forward to 2015,  here I am again along with an adventurous friend and we completed a high ropes obstacle that included a variety of 30-50 feet rope climbing excursions along with zip lining. It was a very fun and rewarding experience! I must say, there were quite a few times, I looked at the rope and thought, “how is this going to work, how is this happening?” It did and I am glad it did! As I ventured across the rope it was trust, trust in the fact that I was supported by a harness, trust that I was supported by people that supporting my well being and faith in myself.  It was beautiful being surrounded by the trees and nature knowing that this was all created for our beauty and fulfillment. Yes, thinking back to my adventure with my Church did give me confidence.  Knowing that everything in life has a purpose for our benefit gave me the confidence I needed to embrace the fun and the adventure. Thinking about it, the journey of grief is a lot like those high ropes, stepping out of our comfort zone, having faith, trust and courage in ourselves and God. Embracing the fun of life, but also realizing there are many supports along your journey if you are willing to embrace it.

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