Productive admist Busy


I am sure you have heard someone say, “I am just so busy, I can’t believe how busy I am, I am so stressed because I am so busy. ” Now, these words have come out of my mouth too in time. Recently,  in the past year, I’ve thought about it, how busy am I and sometimes it’s just too much. Being busy, lt can just be plain annoying and exhausting.   In today’s world, aren’t we all busy! So, what does being busy really mean? As I think about it, no one is too busy, we all are prioritizing our schedules in some way even subconsciously. Sometimes, I think I was just so busy being busy, I was too busy to rest, which is never good. I really started  to look at my busy schedule and think, but am I being productive,  am I prioritizing what’s important? Am I making time for what matters and using my time effectively? Am I using my time to my benefit and best interest?   When I started doing this I found I am less busy!


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