After maybe 5 years, it is happening,  the qualities that my Mom was and yes, my Dad too I am finally relishing in after the burden of grief, now of course, no one is as good as someone,  we are all special in our own right, but this is a list thanks to my Mom and Dad of qualities they made important.  Grief is a journey, but the sun shines brightly on the seas again! 

1. Never too busy to listen.

2. Balance with peace and joy.

3. Always finding the positive. 

4. Problem Solving.

5. Never the victim.

6. A smile is an unspoken treasure.

7. Being honest with respect and speaking up with grace.

8. Trust.

9. Honor the commitment you made.

10. Keep a good attitude.

11. Help yourself and others.

12. Laugh.

13. Stop talking about it and do it.

14. Broadway and Sports.

15. Organize and Prepare.

16. Hard Work.

17. Patience.

18. Love.

19. Singing to yourself.

20. Always make sure your gas tank is half full.

21. Tomorrow is another day.

22. Everything doesn’t need to get done right now.

23. It’s not personal.

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