Mother’s Day, Truth is…

image The truth is Mother’s Day is sad, but so is every day without your Mom. Time passes and yes life goes on, but the void of losing a Mom can never be replaced. Rejoice in happiness for all of your loving friends and wonderful, loving family. The truth is your Mom’s love never leaves you, it is tucked away in your heart and memory forever. Even though she is not with you physically,  she lives inside of you and her love remains with you. Do not be sad, your Mom would not want that, instead feel the honor of her and realize that she is watching over you every step of the way. Rejoice knowing her mission in the physical world was complete, but it is ok to feel saddened because you do truly miss her.  The truth is, your Mom’s passing left a void in your heart and mind, but her memory and love for you pours out for eternity.

5 thoughts on “Mother’s Day, Truth is…

  1. I truly understand what it must be feeling to have lost a loved one and that too one’s mom… I recently lost my dad and there is a voidness somehwehere deep down in me.. But as you said life goes on…

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